Punjabi the third largest language group on the Hill

The Hill Times reports that Punjabi is now the third largest language spoken by people in the House of Commons.


In total, 23 MPs of South Asian origin were elected to the House last month. Three of them—Liberal MP Chandra Arya (Nepean, Ont.) who was born and raised in India, Gary Anandasangaree (Scarborough-Rouge Park, Ont.) who is Tamil, and Maryam Monsef (Peterborough-Kwartha, Ont.) who is of Afghan origin—do not speak Punjabi.

Of the 20 who do speak Punjabi, 18 are Liberals and two are Conservatives.

The NDP does not have any Punjabi-speaking MPs in caucus after B.C. MPs Jinny Sims and Jasbir Sandhu both lost on Oct. 19.

Among the newly-elected Punjabi-speaking MPs, 14 are males and six are females. Ontario elected 12, British Columbia four, Alberta three and one is from Quebec.

More on the Punjabi language is found in Wikipedia here.

A Vancouver friend of mine noticed a while back how much Indo-Canadians put themselves forward into media,as newscasters,or on radio, while Chinese Canadians typically do not seek out the limelight. Cultures vary according to the degree to which the participants choose to stick their necks out.

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I recently talked to a fellow who was a scrutiniser at a poll in my riding (one of the newly created ridings in BC) who told me how shocked he was by what he had witnessed. The Liberal candidate, an East-Indian, did not even bother to show at the candidates debate and yet was surprisingly elected. The fellow said there were van loads of East-Indians who were driven there to vote. While they had passports they had no ID with an address or a voter’s card. In every case the driver of the van claimed they all lived on “the farm” and EC said they had to be allowed to vote. Now one cannot even obtain a library card here without something showing your address – Hydro bill, Telus bill or something, yet this was allowed. As the fellow said there was nothing stopping them from driving to other polls to repeat the same thing, especially since none had a voter’s card or were on the list. The fellow therefore suspected that voter fraud took place, and that would certainly appear to be the case. Yet EC remain unconcerned. I am not saying this kind of thing took place elsewhere or across the country, but it leaves a very bad taste.

old white guy

Alain, a passport is not an acceptable document for voting. If the passport was accepted then those votes are fraudulent and those who accepted them broke the law and should be punished for doing so.


The fellow maintains that EC advised them that passports were valid photo ID and therefore they were allowed to vote even with absolutely nothing confirming their residence other than the claim of the van drivers. I am not disputing what you say, only pointing out what actually took place. Likely EC were terrified of being called racist or whatever, but the fact remains that they failed to do their job.


Totally off topic but does anyone know if BlazingCatFur was hacked? I asked because so far today I have not been able to access the site.

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