Most progressive policy decision ever!



The port city of Odessa,on the Ukrainian coast of the Black Sea, has come up with a totally brilliant idea. It has taken down a statute of Lenin and replaced it with a statue of Darth Vader. Beyond this political commentary, it has placed a wi-fi router in its head to increase Internet connectivity. Witness a society making the right decisions.

Below is a statue of Empress Catherine the Great and her principal ministers, who were founders of the city of Odessa. This was taken in downtown Odessa last week. You will note that the post-communist regime, and presumably even the Soviet regime, both kept the statue of the Tsarina. while the new one has taken down the one of Hitler, I’m sorry, Lenin. Notice also the cell-tower on the building behind the Empress.


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The monument was not there during Soviet times. It was reinstated in 2007 and the act was controversial: historical justice on one side, Catherine’s role in demolition of the Cossacks’ state, Sich, and the prosecution of the Ukrainian people – on another. Additionally, although Catherine II and De Ribas are considered founders of Odessa, it was not build on an empty space. There was a big Turkish fort Khajibei there, it was captured by Russian troops (largely, Ukrainian Cossacks).
The Vader decision is awesome, though, and confirms Odessa’s glory as the capital of humour.


Spasivo, Yuriy, for your helpful facts and commentary. I was wondering about the notion that the Commies would have allowed a monument to the Tsarina Elizabeth to remain standing.

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