There should be no debate at all

I was watching a political show on CBC television last night with the usual political talking heads. The niqab issue came up, the disputed right of a woman to wear a face covering at the Canadian oathtaking  citizenship ceremony. The young zealot for the NDP said “we should not be debating this issue at all”. This was answered by the Tory representative in suitably irenic terms.

Here would have been my response, which is why I do not represent the Conservatives in a public space.

Listen you little faggot bigot! The largest totalitarian social ideology in existence asks us to accommodate their social, sexual, and religious separatism, as they come here to colonize our society. They ask us to respect the niqab. They wear them because they think that women stimulate men to lust, and rather than require men to control their lusts, they repress women because Islam holds women to be unclean, little better than domestic animals.

It is not a question whether only two women have sought to take the oath of allegiance to the Queen and Canada. It is not question of numbers, but of principle. One woman taking the issue to the Canadian courts seems sufficient to overturn immemorial western social and cultural traditions. No question will arise in the Courts whether Canadians have rights not to accede to the most backward interpretation of Islam.

They assert a right to a “religious obligation” that imposes a reciprocal obligation on us, to amend our social customs of female freedom.

I assert the right to cut out hearts of victims and offer them to the Sun God, to keep him shining, and I claim to be a devotee of Huitchilopotchli, the Aztec sun god. I insist on the right to practice my religion. I do not care that my religion may constitute a violation of Canadian social, civil and religious custom. Is that right?

The largest issue in the world is the violent subjection of free and liberal societies to the anti-intellectual, anti-spiritual, and anti-human doctrines of a totalitarian social ideology, through killings, bombings, and lawfare.

And you say this issue should not be debated?  If I said that the white race needs to wage a race war against inferiors, you would have me in jail as fast as you could send me there, and you would organize mobs to shut me up. But if I say that, as a member of the Master Religion, it is my duty to erase your culture and civilization, and to blot out the memory of it, and submit us all to an unchanging set of absolute laws, which have been revealed once and for all and have not been the subject of rational inquiry or discussion since the tenth century of the Christian era, then you say this should not be discussed?

Islamic countries are being destroyed by religious wars, which are now sending millions on the path to colonize Europe, and to subject Europeans to Islam. Countries which cannot produce goods or services to sustain their own populations, and which have been unable to govern themselves constitutionally and peacefully at any time in their collective past, now claim to be able to rearrange our society to its convenience?

And you say this should not even be discussed?

The sad part of this is that the little bigot from the NDP is right. You cannot discuss Islam in public, and yet this is the issue of our times. No wonder the Tories are raising the issue as directly as they can, by defending our social customs. They are  allowing Canadians to express their sentiments on the most important issue before us which, thanks to the ceaseless efforts of people like that bigot from the NDP, has become undiscussable.  It is as if you could not have discussed National Socialism and Hitler in 1936 because one has a religious right to be a national-socialist.


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I am starting to wonder if any of these so-called journalists have ever travelled outside of Canada, been to museums, seen the historical data of a single one of these countries. They are not behaving as though they have a single speck of intellectual knowledge or experience to back them or their pov up.

Even one trip that wasn’t about laying on a beach would do it. Even one trip of experiencing the laws of THEIR land, the land they visited and explored, SHOULD do it. Apparently not?
If any of them have been to Saudi Arabia (moderate) for example AS A FEMALE, they were covered. Are they respecting the culture and way of life of Saudi Arabia or acting like shorts and tank top Canadian women? WHY should we not have the right to defend the freedom of a free Canadian society ?

These Journalists are exposing a double standard that is so disgusting a regressive for women. They are the problem, not us!

GREAT post!

Sean M

The activist homo from the NDP you’re referring to, like the “Liberals” and their Media agents don’t want this issue discussed because the leftists are on the wrong side of Canadian opinion with regards to this issue. The corrupt Media Party, the “Liberals” and the ndp are playing out a strategy of culture wars that will ultimately backfire on them. The Media strategy to silence Canadians and call them names like “bigot” and “racist” if one doesn’t agree with their minority opinion will fail. Vote for the retard Trudow or the citizen of France Mulcair or be labeled a “racist” says the Media Party. It illustrates the utter desperation of the Media to get the retard with the infamous name elected PM, and the utter contempt with which the Canadian Media harbour for Canadian citizens. Harper majority will be the end result of this co-ordinated attack on Canadians by the “Liberals”, NDP, and their Media comrades.


The nicab is NOT a traditional muslim garb. Nowhere in the koran does it say that all women must wear a prison costume. It was invented by the Wahhabis.

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