The Canadian Election

We Conservatives (and conservatives)  may have been mystified by the Harper election strategy. I was discussing this issue with Prime Minister Wife this morning. We have agreed that Harper’s election strategy has become apparent. It is simple. It is just like Harper, which is no surprize as he runs the country’s federal government.

  • Do nothing
  • Say little
  • Let the country come to understand that the still, small voice is saying
    • look at Mulcair
    • look at Trudeau
    • look at Harper
  • Choose one.
  • Preferably, choose me, Stephen Harper.

Nothing more is being promised, nothing more is being said. You know what you have to do, electors, says Harper. Only he does not say even that. It is the weirdest electoral style I have yet encountered.

Do you want futile gestures? Action and change by returning Canada to the dead hand of the geriatric leftovers from the 1970s? Vote Liberal, there will be no lack of futile gestures.

Do you want the semblance of action and change, while voting to keep Canada the same? Vote NDP, you will get the semblance of action and change, while keeping Canada the same. [This is their promise, not necessarily their results].

Do you not want  even the semblance of action and change? Aaah! We have the Party for you, people. Vote Harper.


I think a lot of people are going to buy it. I do.

Unless I am inspired between now and the election date, this is the last piece I want to write about our federal election. Do we live in a great country or what?

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Eric Doll

When the meme is “scary, hidden agenda”, every policy announcement turns on tip-of-the-iceberg alarms. A more charismatic Conservative leader (Please, God) could overwhelm the media Trump-style, but we have to be happy that the Harper Conservatives have been able to operate under the radar.


Yes I recall some Liberal apparatchik of fifteen years ago who would simply go “scary, scary” like some Maoist metronome at the mention of Harper. For a man of his intelligence, it was a bewilderingly stupid approach to political discussion. I gather it has not changed.

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