ISIL/ISIS – A natural evolution of Islam

The CIA World Factbook noted the following breakdown of religion in Afghanistan in 1989: 74% Sunni Muslim, 15% Shia Muslim, 11% other. In 2014 it noted the breakdown as follows: Sunni Muslim 80%, Shia Muslim 19%, other 1%.

Anecdotal evidence also points to the same thing. In case of Hinduism, “Before the Soviet war in Afghanistan, there were several thousand Hindus living in the country but today their number is only about 1,000”. In case of Sikhism, “Before the 1990s, the Afghan Sikh population was estimated around 50,000. As of 2013, they are around 800 families of which 300 families live in Kabul.”

Similar trend is noted in Middle Eastern countries such as Iraq where World Factbook notes that “ recent reporting indicates that the overall Christian population may have dropped by as much as 50 percent since the fall of the Saddam Hussein regime in 2003, with many fleeing to Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon “. In case of Jews, the large scale migration began much earlier and left the Muslim countries devoid of Jews.

How are these trends in different countries tied to the transmogrification of Islam as exemplified by ISIS? Now that non-Muslims, such as Jews, Christians, Hindus and Sikhs, have been extirpated from the Muslim countries, the rage of Muslims has turned to those less Muslim than they are. The Sunni-Shiite conflict is just one aspect of this war as it will be extended to Sufis just like it has come to include the Yazidis. The moderates Sunnis will be the last in this long queue.

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Greetings, Arran Gold, and nice to see you are back.
What interests me is your assumption, which I share, that there exists in the breasts of Muslims a pre-existing hatred, or rage as you call it:
“the rage of Muslims has turned to those less Muslim than they are”. What is the source of this rage?

Arran Gold

Well don’t we all wish we knew the answer to that so that we address the issue. Some random possibilities.

– Following the footsteps of Muhammad, “the person who reached perfection.” (al-Insan al-Kamil)

– “All cultures are almost equal” nonsense from the multi-culti crowd which provides encouragement and sustenance to them.

– Superiority emanating from the fact that they are in possession of the last word of God, the final ‘course correction’ in the sequence of Books.

– Too many first cousin marriages leading to genetic decline, e.g. see


My wife used to see an extraordinary defect rate in Muslim babies at the children’s hospital where she worked, from the same cause.

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