30% of Americans think he is Muslim

Misperceptions about Obama’s religious beliefs are more common than those about his birth, particularly among Republicans. Overall, 29% of Americans say they think the President is a Muslim, including 43% of Republicans.

Gosh! I can’t imagine why.

  • Obama gives a major foreign policy speech to El-Ahram Mosque in Cairo, claiming to understand why Muslims are angry because American foreign policy has interfered with the Hajj, among other offences.
  • Obama gives a speech at the United Nations saying the future does not belong to those who insult the Prophet Mohammad.
  • Obama backs the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the suppression of which has been the goal of all governments of Egypt since it was formed in the 1930s.The Muslim Brotherhood takes over after the “Arab Spring”  and sets about persecuting and murdering Christians, burning churches, and driving the country to near bankruptcy. Also causing trouble for Israel.
  • Obama turns on Ghaddaffi, the only source of stability in Libya, bombs him into smithereens after he has voluntarily got rid of all nuclear  materials, and presides over the creation of a state of anarchy in Libya, which engenders new flow of refugees and migrants, and allows for more slaughter of Egyptian Christians.
  • When the Egyptian Army restores sanity and order be overthrowing the Muslim Brotherhood government, Obama refuses to supply the Army with new weapons, and maintains a generally hostile attitude towards the only force for sanity in Egypt, General Al-Sissi, who in former times would have been understood to be “our guy”.
  • Obama withdraws US troops from Iraq, opening the way for Da’esh to take over.
  • Obama negotiates a weak and flawed nuclear deal with Iran, which will drive the Sunnis to arm themselves accordingly.
  • By failing to stabilize the Middle East, Obama engenders a horde of Syrian migrants to invade Europe, simultaneously assisting the Islamification of Europe while making no criticism of Saudi Arabia or the Gulf states for refusing a single migrant to enter.
  • When Russia sides with Assad to fight Da’esh (ISIL), Obama expresses hostility to the plan, yet ending the Syrian conflict is the only chance of stabilizing the region and turning off the flood of refugees.

Is there anything I have missed? Most assuredly. Why, for example,  was the US Ambassador to Libya dealing arms out of the Libyan consulate and sending them to fight Assad in Syria?

And you wonder why some low information voter gets the impression that Obama is a Muslim? In whose interest is he ruling? Why would anyone think they are fundamentally mistaken? They just attribute religious motivation to Obama’s perfidy.

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Kikr Farquhar

Wasn’t there a little scandal about his campaign getting a large amount of donations from the middle east, all just under the reporting limit. As I recall there was an ask letter from his campaign specifying donations should be kept just under that limit.

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