The real Labour leadership winner? UKIP

If Ed Miliband was enough to polarize working-class voters outside of the Thames estuary, imagine how they will react to Jeremy Corbyn’s neo-Bennite platform.

Corbyn may be the hero of faculty lounges and organic food shops but he is bound to alienate large swathes of traditional Labour voters when it comes to the Europe question and immigration.

His victory will indeed change the face of British politics but in ways he never foresaw.

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He is good news for pretty much every party.

For the Conservatives, he will just help ensure they win again in 2020 regardless of whom they choose to replace David Cameron (Cameron has promised not to seek another term).

For Liberal Democrats, he will help push some centre-left types who find him too extreme but cannot stomach voting Tory over to them.

For UKIP, he will help push even more native working class Brits over to him as most working class Brits want less not more immigration and his stance of more immigration in Britain is offside with the overwhelming majority of Brits including most on the political left.

For Greens, he will help push some of the younger progressives over to him as many don’t relate to the whole class war struggle and will see him as a leader of the past.

For SNP, he will help ensure outside of the poorest areas in Glasgow it stays SNP as even in Scotland his views are too left wing for most thus this will just help ensure they sweep Scotland once again and off course killing any chance of a Labour victory as Labour has never won without doing well in Scotland.

The only party it will hurt is the Communist party who get very few votes anyways as I am sure they will happily endorse him.

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