Reasons to dismiss Trump, and reasons not

There are plenty of reasons not to bother yourself with Donald Trump. Ramesh Ponnuru of the National Review has given them, and his views seem reasonable.

Why then do I not believe them?

Because I keep hoping that America is ready for a reasonable assertion of the rights of its native people – that is, people born there –  to assert their legitimate interests. What are those interests? They are opposed to the dominance of US immigration policy by a cosmopolitan elite, both Democrat and Republican, who wish to replace the population as fast as possible with docile Hispanics who will do the elite’s bidding, to keep class of useful servants to mow their lawns and bring them drinks. The US may have got rid of slavery, but it has not  rid itself of the belief – on the part of some – that some other people were born to serve them.

The white and black working class of the United States are being replaced by immigrants prepared to work for far less and sleep in dormitories until they can find a foothold in suburbia. Accordingly, the question arises whether the interests of the people born in the United States are legitimate, and can be expressed.

The answer, from the political left, is that this is – horror of horrors! – white nationalism, not just nationalism but white nationalism. And the answer from the right, as in Republican establishment, or Conservatism Inc., as it is called, is the same thing, said more politely.

Hence James Kirkpatrick in VDare writes:

Trump matters because he is connecting the largely symbolic rhetoric of the GOP with actual appeals to the concrete interests of grassroots white conservatives on immigration, trade, and jobs. Politics is about who, not what. Trump’s strategy of mobilizing voters behind an explicitly nationalist agenda may prove harder to contain than Conservatism Inc. expects [What’s the secret to Donald Trump’s appeal? Nationalism by Ezra Dulis, Breitbart, August 7, 2015].

The hard truth: the legacy of William F. Buckley is failure. Because of the massive demographic shift that American cuckservatives enabled when they purged men like Sam Francis, Pat Buchanan, and Peter Brimelow, the future of American politics is, like Francis predicted, ethnopolitics.

The Left is already practicing this, and as the Obama Administration shows, is becoming quite successful. Republicans either need to adopt or find themselves replaced and irrelevant in the emerging post-America. If they had wanted to talk only about “classical liberalism,” they should have stopped Third World immigration a few decades ago.

Trump offers a compromise position with his patriotic vision of renewed American greatness. But Conservatism Inc. may honestly prefer to remain Politically Correct and lose rather than be “offensive” and win. In effect, they may prefer running out the clock on Anglo-America in order to squeeze out consultants’ fees and board directorships for a few more election cycles.

In that case, ultimately, the dread specter of “White Nationalism” will move from the margins to the mainstream as the only alternative to a permanent Leftist (and anti-white) regime.


Seen from the perspective of a Ramesh Ponnuru, of National Review, Buckley’s sadly diminished remnant, and the exponent of Conservatism Inc., Trump is a nullity scarcely worth heeding.


I just can’t take Trump that seriously. He is not going to be president. He’s not going to be the Republican nominee. He’s probably not going to hurt the eventual nominee’s chances of winning. Trump is an existential threat to the weakest primary candidates – but not to anybody else.

And that is where Trump is today, caught between significance and insignificance.

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Conservative pundits can only cry when, time and again, Trump steals their lunch money. Surely they recognize that boring, principled conservatism doesn’t win elections in today’s flavour of democracy — Trudeau Jr. and Notley are the public’s response to steady, uncontroversial “conservative” parties. The GOP has no choice but to run Trump simply because none of his competitors or detractors offers a way to reach the voters who, while not knowing quite what they want, know that they don’t want to be bored.

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