Obviously the most interesting candidate in the primary season is Donald Trump, a blowhard from his days in primary school, billionaire, disruptor, egotist, and accomplisher. The issue is: what is his long game?

Is he seeking a high price to be bought out of the race? Or is he seeking the White House for real?

As others have observed, his success so far is a standing indictment of the US political class, Republican and Democratic alike. His every outrage is increasing his strength in polls.




Trump is having the same effect as Nigel Farage in the UK, Geert Wilders in Holland and, in his day, Preston Manning in Canada: he is opening the boundaries of political possibilities; in a stifling political environment; he is introducing fresh air into an over-managed politically-correct public discourse.

Democrats guffaw, Republicans tremble and splutter in assumed rage. I was dining with a table largely full of Democrats last night. You may imagine their derision. But the most politically savvy among them has a son working for Joe Biden. Why? Because they feel that the first post-feminine female candidate, Hilary Clinton, is not going to win the Presidency. Why? You tell me.

The one American Republican at the table was saying to his colleagues that he could see the circumstances in which he, a hugely intelligent technology entrepreneur and manager, could vote for Trump. The two Canadians at the table were trying to tell the Americans about a certain improbable Toronto mayor named Ford who took the mayoralty of Toronto despite all the hostility of the chattering classes.

Trump as President: it could happen, and that is what the American political class fears. Especially the Republicans. The Dems have their own problem to solve, and her name is Hilary. That bitch won’t hunt.

Between the bull moose in the cow pasture and an heir presumptive who is perceived to be fatally weak, the American presidential race is interesting this month.



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Michael W. Perry

Trump’s scheme is obvious. He’s a life-long liberal Democrat and a close friend of Bill Clinton. His crony capitalism means Hillary in the White House could make he still richer.

Trump is like Perot in 1992. He’s in this race to steal enough votes from the Republicans to put a Clinton in the White House. In 1992 the target was voters angry at Bush #1 for breaking his no new taxes pledge. This election the voters to be duped are those angry about immigration and related issues.

Why does anything think otherwise? This is the Clintons up to their usual tricks.


I assign no sinister motives to Mr. Trumps run. He is an egotist who loves attention and adulation above all. He also has that stones/glass houses thing going on. He’s already said that he’ll go if the Republicans don’t “treat him nice” so I expect he’ll be gone by summers end.

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