Try to encompass the scale of the planetary catastrophe that was the Devonian extinction. An area in Siberia the size of continental United States was flooded with molten basalt, up to several thousand feet thick, exuding sulfur dioxide, which turns into sulfuric acid. Species died over the course of a hundred thousand years.

And you are worried about a warming of a couple of degrees centigrade in a century, after a mini-ice age?

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Sulfur dioxide does NOT turn into sulfuric when mixed with water; that would be sulfur trioxide. Sulfur dioxide and water make (the hypothesized but never actually observed) sulfurous acid – H2SO3. I suspect the pH raising is actually caused by the SO3 free radical.

Dr Michael Richards

Global cooling, global warming, consensus, fiddled data, political agendas, financial inducements, social engineering, control, narcissism, totalitarianism. What’s wrong with that?

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