Not black enough

You have to read the article carefully to discover that the claim of “discrimination” is essentially one of a Canadian-born black woman serving in the Washington DC police department, who is suing an American black woman supervisor for discrimination. The reason behind the friction? The Canadian-born  woman was not black enough. Not like us black folks down here, so she must be some sort of whitey bitch, I guess. Anyway the complainant has a PhD in criminology and spoke “white”, a double disqualification for the black-run Washington DC police department.

According to the statement of claim, Samuel, who was born in Canada, completed graduate work in the United States and joined the MPD in 2006 shortly after finishing a PhD in criminology.

The bulk of her allegations are levelled against Diane Hains Walton, who was her direct supervisor for most of her time with the department.

Hains Walton grew resentful in 2008 when Samuel was assigned greater responsibility within the force’s human resources management division, the statement says.

This allegedly triggered a number of “snide remarks” against Samuel’s heritage and country of birth.

The statement says Hains Walton once told Samuel that she “talked white,” adding it was not typical for an “African-American.”

So much for the theory that only white people can engage in racism.

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