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Who says Muslims cannot integrate?

It has been legal since the mid-1990s for women to go topless in Ontario — a fact of which Tameera, Nadia and Alysha Mohamed were keenly aware when they decided to shed their shirts and sports bras after three hours of biking in the region of Kitchener-Waterloo in Friday’s 26 C heat, with a humidex of 31. Before long, they were stopped by a police officer who, they say, told them to put their shirts back on, that it was the law. The girls refused.

God bless you, girls. The Prophet must be turning in his grave.


And in case there is any confusion, I do not object to the state determining how one is dressed. Usually the law says cover up from above the nipples to below the pubis. Usually the rule is right. Unless we all become totally desensitized to young girls breasts, it would be appropriate to cover them most of the time, in public, except at the beach. Nakedness or bare skin in the right social context is appropriate, just as black tie is in some others. It is a question of context. I do not have a problem with the right of governments to make these rules. I just hope those rules are sensible.


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Actually, I think the same standard (above the nipples to below the pubis or male equivalent) should be applied to men as well. See far too many seriously unappetizing semi-nude male bodies out there on any warm day.


Now if only we can get a few of the mask wearers to defy their husbands and say piss off to the burka & Halloween costume they are forced to wear.

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