Essential Reading

Two items today for your attention. First, an article on the Islamic state in the Atlantic Magazine. It is rare that so much truth gets through the censorship – read ideological bias – of the liberal media. “What Isis really wants” by Graeme Wood. He says what I have been saying, that

  • The Islamic state is Islamic, not some perversion of Islam;
  • They engage in mass killings of Muslims and non-Muslims as a policy to rid the world of apostates and disbelievers;
  • Muslims are killed for such things as voting for secular governments, or wearing western clothes;
  • They believe in the strictest possible application of the whole of Shari’a;
  • The Islamic state has not distorted the sacred texts of Islam; it has enacted them;
  • Slavery and crucifixion are embraced without apology, as ordained by Islamic law;
  • With the establishment of the Caliphate, Islam is now justified in waging aggressive war to expand its territories.

Again, it is not what Wood writes that is so interesting, it is that it was published in a largely liberal US magazine.

The second essential reading will occupy the next article.


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