Ezra Levant on the media

Ezra was at his most gracious and reflective in this interview in the Post. He will not be silenced.

See the interview here.

He is correct in his appreciation that the Internet is undercutting the licenced broadcast media. If Sun News had started as a pure Internet operation, it might still be with us. But then only the fanatics – sorry, devoted conservatives – would find it. It would have been just like PJ Media, or Pat Condell, or Jihad Watch, or Barrel Strength.

Many people wonder why the CRTC did not licence SunTV on lower, more favourable channels, or make it mandatory for cable companies to carry, like CBC Newsworld, or the CTV equivalent, or APTN. That means that, whether you watched it or not, you would be subsidizing it at a fixed rate per subscriber per month, as the channels I just mentioned are. It would have required SunTV to join the ranks of licenced mendicants, called “broadcasters”, who appear before the CRTC and argue for their subsidies, and perpetuation of their licences.

Try to appreciate the irony. Let us use state regulation to cause the Canadian consumer forcibly to subsidize the expression of political views. Does that not sound like the mainstream media?

Can you imagine SunTV up before the CRTC pleading for a renewal of its licence, saying it was moderate, responsible, and worthy of an expensive legal privilege, such as mandatory carriage?

I can’t.

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I used to think that the National Post had some conservative followers; perhaps you have to go back to Conrad Black to find them. However, from reading the bile in the comments, it’s readership must be much the same as the Globe and Mail. Very progressive; very tolerant.


The NP certainly has changed. In a recent issue I found a thoughtful Robert Fulford column stacked beside an awkwardly gushing review of the coming new album by the grrl band Sleater-Kinney. To whatever demographic the NP is now appealing I cannot fathom.

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