Dilbert on green energy



I’m writing fake press releases for imaginary new green energy technologies.  Scientists say that by 2040 you will be able to power your entire home with the breeze from your refrigerator door.


How will I know which green energy breakthroughs are real?


Seriously? You think there are real ones?


When you read things like this, “Report suggests pumping sulfur pollution into air to prevent climate change”, you might wonder whether you are reading something from the Onion, a satirical fake. Alas no.

The next ice age is due from any time now. Our current interglacial – the time period from when the last of the ice sheets retreated to the far north – is about 10-12,000 years long, which is long by the standards of past interglacials. We might have another 1000 years of warmth left, or another 2000. But if past patterns hold up, we will not have another five thousand years of current warm temperatures. The ice sheets will return, and piddling little humans will learn who is in charge: not them.

I am waiting for the science fiction movie that features committed zealot [read “mad”] scientists under the direction of John Holdren  and at the behest of President Obama launch such a program, and voila!, ice age starts with a seven month winter in Toronto, and Toronto winters in New York City. Hollywood does not have the balls for that one.

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Snowpiercer is a ridiculous movie with exactly that premise… plus an eternal train going around the world forever reliving marxist struggles. Stupidest film ever made.


I was hoping for something in the order of Blade Runner. Only it would ask: who started this fraud? My guess is that it was the Canadian who has to live in Beijing to avoid US justice and who started Petro Canada. A hero of the first climate summit in Rio de Janeiro. Why can I not remember his name?

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