Cameron hands gift to UKIP

Prime Minister David Cameron has signed a pact with Labour leader Ed Miliband and Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg pledging that all three of their parties will work together to tackled climate change.

The pledge, which has been brokered by a collection of green non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and lobby groups, such as Greenpeace, WWF and RSPB, commits the party leaders to agree “carbon budgets”, end the use of coal for power generation and “accelerate the transition to a competitive, energy efficient low carbon economy”.

As the Bishop Hill Blog writes:

A better way of making their parties look as if they are completely out of touch and/or working to NGOs’ agendas is hard to imagine. That said, one of the pledges they make is to do away with coal-fired electricity generation. This may actually mean that the underlying message is “frack baby, frack”.

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