I almost forgot: Sun News TV dead at 4 years old

Sun TV is about to shut down, I regret to say. But I could not find it, having  ceased subscribing to the tiers of cable services that carried it, and when I watched it on the Internet, I could not watch it for long. It served a useful political function; it is gone; I am sorry, but I am not forking over $100/month in cable fees for the privilege of being railed at by Ezra Levant, greatly though I admire his invective.

I encourage Sun TV types to consider the example of Pat Condell. Maybe it is time to “broadcast”, to “vlog”, from the upstairs room.


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I think that this is just another case of Americans thinking that Canadians are the same as them and vice versa. Witness the collapse of Target, Tim Hortons in the states and Canadian Tire’s(Whites)foray into the American market. Someone looked at the great ratings for Fox in the U.S. and thought “we can do that here” I doubt much market research was put into the concept to see if it was viable in this market. You can blame the CRTC, the other networks or Justin Trudeau all you want but it was just a crappy product all round.


Sun failed because they didn’t get mandatory carriage.
And it was always about mandatory carriage.
Quebecor saw a chance to cash in on the cable racket and took it.
The programming was incidental to the potential payoff.

Joe Amero

It was refreshing to hear the other side of the news.I enjoyed Ezra,Michael Brian L and all the other bright lights on Suntv.
Sadly, this is another blow against free speech.
Hope to follow you online if possible.
Shame on CRTC.

Mary Hale

So the miserable left wing CRTC is spilling it’s poison around again..Get rid of the CBC instead..it’s useless..I loved Sunnewsnet..at least we found out the truth instead of lies from the news media..I hope somebody out there does something about this and refinances this program..Ezra Levant was one of the best..he stood up for what ‘s right..and exposed the garbage that goes on out there..I’m going to get the PM’s ear on this one..


In defence of Ezra, what a magnificent failure! I wished I had failed like him, and I wish he keeps on failing upward.

Worse men then him have failed upward, I assure you.

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