Yet another tale of lies and deceit in the AGW religion

The Telegraph reported on Saturday what has been circulating in the blogosphere for a few days: widespread and systematic adjustments of weather data from reporting stations to invert the data. It has been getting slightly colder since the 1940s.

Faced with the obdurate refusal of anyone in the AGW community to back off an inch from the “climate change” hysteria, one is forced to conclude that we are in the grips of a political swindle parading as “science”.

To the extent that AGW was a scientific proposition, namely that man is causing global warming, it has been as close to disproven as any theory could be. So “they” switch the topic and call it climate change, the Correct Term. Hence opposition to it is a sign of political incorrectness. Hence opposition is immoral.

Go figure.

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Once you understand that AGW is a religion based on blind faith you can understand why the followers cling to their blind faith instead of science. I refer to majority of useful idiots converted to this latest cult. The ones at the top however know a good scam and are determined to milk it for all it is worth.

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