They do not have enough to do


This is the picture of an estimated 100 thousand Muslims protesting yet again Charlie Hebdo cartoons, this time in Grozny (Russian for “dreadful”), Chechnya.


charlie hebdo

This is a picture of the crowd of Canadians who showed up for a memorial for the nearly 3,000 people killed by the Islamic terrorists after 9/11/2001.


parliament hill 9-11

Just about every person who showed up for the 9/11 memorial was employed or self-employed. Just about every person who showed up at the mosque was unemployed and moreover had never held a job. One group was expressing sympathy for the living and respect for the dead. The other group was protesting blasphemy.

Which is the morally serious society?


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It is not a trick question. The difference between the Ottawa and the Grozny crowds lies not merely in their different religions, or what cause they gathered for, but in the fact that Islamic society finds itself incapable of generating employment.
If you do not value inquiry, because one Book has told you all that you need to know, you will not cherish learning or science, apart from the Koran,and consequently the modern economy cannot find workers from their midst.


Maybe these mooslims should immigrate to Canada and then they would have an opportunity at a better life. Canada has an excellent immigration, multiculturalism, ethnic integration program and many many more things to help the mooslim. e also have excellent accommodation programs where we will change things to make your new Canadian way of life comfortable. We also have many many appeasement programs that will accommodate you. In fact most of our media wont publish the offence cartoon of Muhammad cause it offends mooslims.

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