The Prophet speaks! Reason and Revelation, State and Faith

After some digging, I have come across a picture of the Prophet Mohammad, whose visage is haram, lest it be worshiped, but which is familiar to us, and I hope by what you will read below that what I portray Him as, is an accurate description, in terms of political theology.

Adolf Hitler

 Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. This is the war of the future.

– The Prophet

You may recall our Saviour said:

“Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s and unto God the things which are God’s” – Jesus of Nazareth

Few people seem to realize how much our civilization has been shaped by that division and injunction. In fact it shapes everything about us, even if it took 1500 years since Christ’s time to figure out the practical implications of the distinction.

Once you abolish the Christian distinction between the realms of Caesar and of God, you proclaim either their indivisibility, or the dominance of one over the other.

In Islam, God is Caesar – a theocracy. All things are religious, and all politics is theological. No distinction is made between issues of state and issues of faith, or between religion and, for that matter, pubic sanitation.

If God and Caesar are equal and coordinate, then you get western Civilization: Church is distinct from State.

If God is Caesar’s junior partner, then you have Russian Orthodox civilization.

If Caesar is God, then you have Sinic civilization.

Thus, Islam is not compatible with western civilization because the answers it proposes to the relationship of revelation to reason, and of State to Faith, are utterly different.

Faith and State constitute a different division of the world than reason and revelation. The faith can be informed by reason and the state can be informed by faith. But operationally the organizations have different well-springs of authority.

Here is Peter and upon this rock will I build my Church – Jesus of Nazareth

which if we translated, Jesus was saying here is ‘Rock’ and upon this rock will I build my Church. Even our Lord could not pass up an inevitable Greek pun. Note that He did not found his Church on the nearest Roman Legion commander. That would come four centuries later with the Emperor Constantine, for reasons of state. Disentangling State from Church took western civilization another thousand years to achieve, and was still being fought over between Pope and Holy Roman Emperor in the 1000s. See Canossa, for example.

Thus when I or Geert Wilders refers to Islam as a totalitarian political ideology, I am not being inaccurate. I am using a term of art.

It is time we stopped giving to Islam the status of a religion as we understand the term. It is no more a religion that National Socialism, and no less. It just talks about the Prophet in the way a dedicated Nazi speaks of the Fuhrer, and about Allah the way a National Socialist envisages the Force of History.

We need to get clear on the concept of what Islam is.


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Don Morris

I’ve never seen a picture of the Prophet clean shaven,although I don’t know why he left that silly little moustache. Perhaps he was a fan of Charlie Chaplin.


See the huge difference is that Canada actually defeated the Nazis and imperialists Japan. How? well for one the government stopped immigration from eastern Europe and Japan while placing German/Japanese Canadians in prison camps until we won the war. That sent a clear message that intolerance toward Canadian values and treason would not be accepted.

Today however we are accommodating and apologetic and have opened our doors to immigrants and refugees form the very enemy countries that want to kill us. The conservative government has just proudly announced that they will be opening the doors to 13000 Syrian refugees this year as an act of humanitarian kindness. Not to mention the tens of thousand of other Muslim immigrants we have will invite in this year just like we have every year since 9/11!

Oh now to hear the responses saying that I’m an islamaphobe…..yeah I am!

Oh and to hear the responses that baby Trudeau would do even worse……well I NEVER thought that Harper would even do this to our country by allowing massive Muslim immigration that he has so far.

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