Anti-Israeli: may I disagree?

Philip Giraldi writes at the Unz Review, that collection of entertaining heretics. A former US counter-intelligence officer, he is militantly anti-Israel, and not afraid to write about it. His comprehensive denunciation of Israeli behaviour and policies is found here.

I read it and I hope you read it too. However, I do not agree with its thrust even if I acknowledge the factual accuracy of what he relates about Israel’s misdeeds.  Why?

The best reason I can think of is the obvious one: Israel is the proof that the Muslims are incapable of getting along peaceably with anyone. As someone said, Israel is like a village on the side of a volcano pouring forth the lava of Islamic fundamentalism. If you removed Israel, is anyone naive enough to think the Muslims would be appeased?

Yes, such people exist. They belong to that larger category of people who believe Islamic hostility to us is the result of who we are or what we do. They have not yet realized that Islamic hostility is rooted in a loveless society where men oppress women and men oppress men and no one knows a day of happiness in their lives unless they forget to be Muslim that day.

The useful idiots who blame Israel or blame western civilization for the crimes and idiocy of Islamic society are too conceited to imagine that the others can act too. They ascribe moral agency to us alone. Victims of Israel, as they conceive the Muslims, are incapable of acting powerfully, deliberately, or intelligently.

Such a view hovers around solipsism – from solo ipse “oneself alone”. You see it everywhere. “Truthers” – Americans who cannot believe that Muslims destroyed the twin towers; Pearl Harbor conspiracists – who thought FDR had engineered a war with Japan, rather than allow the Japanese the status of belligerents; John Kennedy conspiracists, who think everyone killed JFK except the crazed Marxist US Marine deserter who did, Lee Harvey Oswald. [Though I grant Oswald may have been hired by as yet occult forces].

The tendency to believe that no one acts in the world except the states of the West – possibly including the Papacy – and that all our enemies are goaded into hating us by what we have done, or represent to them -is a besetting sin of some profoundly misguided people. They can be quite intelligent, such as Giraldi, but they miss the main point: bad people and bad societies exist and can act on their own.

I once had the ambiguous pleasure of being entertained by a Frenchman, a college professor, former naval officer, a bon vivant, and what can only be described as an impeccable anti-semite, anti-Jewish in the French Catholic way, my views on which I hope to have made clear.  I will leave it to you to give what weight you might like to his remarks concerning the Jews and the Arabs, but speaking as a man whose ship bombarded Oran with naval gunnery to suppress an uprising of Algerians, he said “After dealing with the Arabs, I find the Jews look quite reasonable”.

I am ready to give the Israelis a lot of slack, because I think what they are dealing with is a social and religious naziism. I reckon there are many people in the west who feel the same way. My moral imagination can encompass something as weird and frightening as Islam, and some people cannot, so they blame the thing they can understand, which is Israel. It is so much easier than stretching one’s comprehension.


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what drives me crazy is that there re bout 14 million Jews worldwide. there are now over 7 billion people on the planet. if the Jews were a species of bird they would be considered endangered. the hatred of the Jews was and continues to be irrational, insane and just plain stupid.

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