A report by a Danish psychologist on Muslim immigrants

Nicolai Sennels wrote a report on why Muslim immigrants to Denmark are failing. It is entitled, “Report from the therapy room: Why are Muslims more violent and criminal?”.

Having shown their disproportionate contribution to Danish crime, and their apprehension and conviction rate, Sennels asks why they are not succeeding, and answers:

Being criminal, not being able to read and write, dropping out of one’s education and coming from a culture that in general has very little interest in science and knowledge severely minimize one’s chances of getting a well paid job – or a job at all. Anti-social behaviour – criminal behaviour, not supporting one’s children’s schooling, not paying making an effort to finish one’s education etc. – thus leads to poverty (and not the other way around).

Sennels then carefully examines all the arguments why Muslims are not integrating in Denmark, and concludes:


My conclusion as a professional psychologist with quite some experience in this area is that growing up in the Muslim culture is mentally unhealthy for several reasons. The cultural norms and traditions create a great deal of aggression, insecurity and religious racism in Muslims. Above all, Islam and Muslim culture is a serious hindrance to the integration of Muslims into non-Islamic societies and a source of hostility and violence against non-Muslims and our Western societies.


Muslim immigration to the West is the greatest sociological and group psychological experiment in World History. The experiment is clearly going wrong, and statistics and facts show us that the problems are accelerating.

Any good scientist with common sense would in such a case start by putting the experiment to a complete halt: Stop Muslim immigration and cut citizenships to resident Muslim immigrants and refugees. Non-Western immigrants and refugees who have not yet attained Western citizenship should only be able to continue their life in our Western countries as long as they can support themselves and are not convicted of any violent crimes. There is nothing wrong with asking unpleasant guests to leave a party.

It should be read in its entirety. It is nothing that we do not already know, but it is well argued, dealing with people as they are and not as some would like them to be.



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I suspect that the study will be ignored and even buried in order to keep the doors open to more of the same problem. Western leaders and politicians are guilty of treason against their country and the people they claim to represent. This will not end well.


I disagree in your assessment of blacks and Indians, completely. Neither of these groups is the product of and created by an antinomian totalitarian religion that abhors thought, science and pleasure, and, in my opinion, any relationship to God other than mechanical obedience to text. Neither blacks not Indians reject civilization; they may not know how to sustain it but they are not at war with it. They want its results but many do not want the virtues and constraints that go with it. Islam, as a doctrine – not as we meet Muslims in real life – would have us all go back to the village life of Arabia in the 6th century AD, and would crush the life out of everyone to do so, especially Muslims. Islam crushes and impoverishes souls and calls it “submission”. Do not mistake a disinclination or inability to sustain industrial civilization with objections in principle to the kinds of culture that sustains it. Islam is the latter.

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