I agree with Terence McKenna

TerenceMckenna1 TerenceMcKenna2 TerenceMcKenna3

I still vote Conservative, and I agree with Terence McKenna on a lot of things. I leave it to you to figure out whether these are consistent positions.


I need to get to Burning Man.

Barrel Strength will return to regularly scheduled programming shortly. Dalwhinnie will be back soon. He has been taken over by the ghost of his 25 year old self.

I am Dalwhinnie and I have authorized this advertisement.

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Thank you. I am no libertarian; you have that right.

I believe that the existence and need for authority is inevitable and therefore authority must be carefully exercized, founded, and controlled. The problem of balancing the power of society to achioeve collective goals against the power of individuals to decline to agree is problem of politics.

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