Why I fear Islam

“Waging jihad against the West and its allies around the world is beyond a shadow of the doubt a religious obligation binding upon every Muslim.”.

I agree with Jihadi John McGuire. It says so in the Koran.

What are the rest of them waiting for?

Because, whatever the cause is, or they are, we ought to know more about that force of restraint that prevents most Muslims from heeding the call of their religion.

Jihadi John is orthodox; the resisters are not

Put it in bottles if we can and sell it widely. Put it in the water, free of charge.

I think it is called sanity, but I have never maintained that orthodox is Islam is either peaceful or sane, and I reckon many more people agree with me in 2014 than would have 15 years ago.


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Regarding your closing paragraph.
More people would agree with you because they can see it and read about it more readily than they could 15 years ago.
The rise of the right wing blogosphere allowed me to see how the mainstream media prevented me from knowing now what I didn’t know then.


it is called critical mass. when the numbers are high enough, we are never sure how high that is, then you will get the agitation such as is occurring in England and france and other countries. Canada will not be immune to Islamic jihad.


To Anon Con: I am convinced the Harper government maintains no illusions about Islam, and that Jason Kenny, a highly intelligent believing Catholic, is especially clued in.


I think the Act against barbaric practices is quite sufficient as a public demonstration we shall not tolerate that shit here. What people believe is beyond the power of law to compel, what they do is eminently a matter subject to reasonable compulsion.

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