Head of state: Royals versus the White House

News that a US political staffer had to resign after criticizing Obama’s daughters for sloppy deportment at a public event makes me wonder.

Our Royals are subject to relentless criticism for everything: hats, dresses, speeches, stated political positions – to the extent they have any – while in the United States the President and his family are not subject to rude questions from the press gallery, nor from a parliament,  neither are the members of the Presidential family subject to much cultural or social criticism.

Who is treated more respectfully: the Presidential or the Royal family ?

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It was quite evident to me that the girls didn’t want to be there and really don’t like being part of the backdrop to their father’s failed presidency. That being said I remember their mother greeting the king of Spain dressed in what is best described as Walmart chic. Assuming that is that Walmart has a discount rack for unsalable items.

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