I am Islamophobic

I fear Islam. I fear armed men intent on enslaving me and forcibly converting me to a totalitarian political doctrine. I fear for my womenfolk. I fear all armed hoodlums: fascists, nazis, communists, armed mobs intent on lynching me, and Wahhabists are not excepted.

Three of those political doctrines were laid in their graves in the 20th century. Two were eliminated by the violence of a world war and the third expired, leaving only leftists in its wake. The latter have taken over academia and are doing what damage they can to western civilization from their tenured positions, by poisoning minds against the civilization that sustains them. We will have to deal with them sooner or later.

That leaves Islam, a totally encompassing code of behaviour: devoid of science, theology, speculation, inquiry, rational thought, fairness , justice, mercy, and which holds one quarter of humanity in thrall. Islam has no God but Islam. It holds that God binds every molecule in the universe together by His ineffable will, so that whatever happens, is God’s will. This is indistinguishable from total immorality because, if you rob the bank, it is God’s will, and if you drive the truck into a busload of children, it is God’s will.

There is no standpoint in Islam for rational inquiry into Islam, let alone judgment of it. If the Koran had said that 2+2=5, then by God’s will, it would be so (while everyone calculated as if 2+2 equalled 4). There would be no basis within Islamic thought to assert the error of any portion of the divine Koran, even if it contained absurdities and impossibilities. It is God’s Word, literally, and no mind shall bring any standpoint of criticism to bear on any part of it, let alone rational inquiry.

A United Nations report in the early 2000s, written by Arab intellectuals,  reported that the four million people of Finland produced more goods and services than all Arabic countries combined, if oil were excluded from the total. No wonder. Dysfunctional families, dysfunctional societies, dysfunctional people.

And we are supposed to take this shit seriously?

Muslims themselves vary as all people do, and most who are here in Canada have tried to leave Islam behind, the Islam they knew back in Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Syria. But many have not. It s no accident that Muslim converts from western paganism turn so swiftly to jihad; they have received the pure call that emanates from the pages of the Koran.

So when the bien-pensants seek to warn us against Islamophbia, as if it were a mental disease or a spiritual failing, or an irrational prejudice to be eliminated by force of Human Rights Commissions, I turn to my blog to denounce such treason to rational thought.

If you replaced the term “Islam ” with “national socialism”, and “Islamophobia” with a “Naziphobia”, you would strike closer to the truth than many an erudite essay on Wahhabism. Replace “master race” with “master religion”, and you will approach the essence of Islam. Muslims may or may not be okay, but Islam is weird totalitarianism that happens to talk a lot about an angry, remote and unknowable God who has condemned us all to hell, but for total obedience to a some behavioural code dreamed up in 6th century Arabia.

Thus when I read in the National Post this morning that “Islamophobia is real, but less in Canada than the US”, I observe a once proud bastion of western values going over to the dark side.

The article said it was sponsored by the Race Relations Council of Canada, the Laurier Institution, Simon Fraser University, and the Angus Reid Institute.

There is no Race Relations Council on the Internet; there is a Race Relations Federation of Canada, , based in Toronto. You can see how it equivocates the jihadist attack on Parliament Hill that killed Cpl. Cirillo at the War Memorial with some guy yelling obscenities at an Ottawa area mosque in consequence of that attack.

Anita Bromberg, its executive director, is quoted in the press release as follows:

“These two incidents also demonstrate the dual threats that face the Muslim community, namely the threat posed by extremists who try to use the community as a cover and also that of bigots who act out in hatred”

The Laurier Institution is found here. Its Board of Directors is shown here. It is based in Vancouver. The Laurier Institution appears t be  an ongoing project funded by Simon Fraser University, and the Canadian Race Relations Foundation.

At what point are you or you loved ones going to be killed because of policies proposed by such groups, and implemented by governments stampeded into a tolerance of that which should not be tolerated? We do not tolerate Naziism. We do not tolerate Nazis.

Yet when racial and religious supremacism  dresses itself up in the guise of a religion, then western democracies are afraid to call it by its real name, and earnest do-gooders like Anita Bromberg spread moral confusion in the mistaken belief they are generating social peace. Useful idiots, was Lenin’s name for them.

Weakening the anti-bodies to social infection, that is their actual result.

And why is the Post associating with such nonsense?
The statute founding the Race Relations Foundation is found here. It was established in the Chretien regime (1991). One might well ask whether concerning itself with Islam is ultra vires of its legal powers, as Islam is a religion (of a very particular type), and is most certainly not a race.


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To all those who will admit to being ‘national-socialism-phobic’ or ‘theocratic-fascism-phobic’, I say the following:

Statistical counting of Islamic source texts reveals that most of Islam is a political ideology (about 86%), while only a small amount (14%) is religious. This is further borne out by the fact that most Muslims are politically committed to the movement (65%) while a large minority (35%)see as mainly a cultural identity. Only 15% or so actually attend the mosque. Those who attend are much more inclined to demand strict application of discriminatory Sharia law.

The above is an incredibly lucid article that deserves to be widely read.


I take you point, but disagree on the meaning of phobia. A phobia is just Greek for “fear”. My Liddell and Scott’s Greek-English Lexicon, 21st edition, 1884, (Oxford Press) London says:
fobos- fear, terror, fright, dismay
(though I could not replicate the Greek text in the comment section)


Our discussion is not in Greek its in English and in English ‘phobia’ has a connotation of irrational. Fear of spiders, fear of open spaces, fear of wet noodles are described as phobias. The intent of the leftist in using ‘Islamophobic’, homophobic etc is to make those who oppose Islam or any other leftist pet cause is to make the opposition look irrational. I’m simply saying that the fear of Islam is entirely rational and backed by evidence.


yes, it is good to have a rational fear of islam. the followers of islam are our enemies. they are as dangerous as any Nazi ever was and we know what it took to crush the Nazis. those who think that Canada will escape the violence that is associated with islam are delusional. we have had small samples of what islam is all about and yet we ignore the extreme violence that muslims are causing worldwide. I do not care how many people apologize for islam, islam is evil.

Elisabeth Perrin Snyder

Samuel I urge you to educate yourself. Islam is not a “boogeyman”. It is a totalitarian political ideology masquerading as religion which encompasses every aspect of life, and law. Shari is based on the teachings of the Koran and the traditions of the Prophet (Hadith and Sunna), prescribing both religious and secular duties and sometimes retributive penalties for lawbreaking. We are seeing creeping sharia in Canada which is totally incompatible with democracy. This is a 7th century ideology where stoning, infibulation, beheading of the infidels (did you know that you are an infidel if you are not muslim?) and gender and racial devaluing are all in practice. You only need to look at Britian which now has 83 sharia courts. Women have half the value of men. We see muslim (sharia) controlled NO GO ZONES in Europe and now a few hours drive away in Detroit. No, Samuel, do open your eyes before it is too late. And by the way, the healthy concern of the conservative government has nothing to do with Jewish votes.


Elizabeth, you are a adorable. You believe all this Conservative scary boogeyman stuff. If Harper believed, as you do, that all muslims are killers that want to behead us then he would throw them out of Canada. But he does not. He encourages and embraces them when they immigrate to Canada. Harper is very smart and you should trust his judgment.


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