Allah is Dead: Rebecca Bynum on Islam

Rebecca Bynum is the author of a slim volume called “Allah is Dead: Why Islam is not a religion.” Every person concerned with what this thing is, ought to read it. Bynum characterizes Islam as something which is not essentially a religion, though it talks a lot about God, but as a totalitarian and essentially  immoral system of social organization which abolishes religion and morality, as we have understood those terms. The only thing left is material and outward obedience to a system, but which is deadly to all conceptions of an inner spiritual life.

Her point is that religion, properly conceived,  is taking a bad rap because many people conflate Islam with all religions and fail to understand why all religion leaves doors open that Islam declares to be shut forever. She calls it a “duck-billed platypus” of a religion, one so different from all others that its true nature is confusing to those brought up in any other, including secular humanism

I have spoken about this before. Robert Reilly’s The Closing of the Muslim Mind demonstrates the baneful effects of Islam’s conjecture that God is holding  together the entire universe at every instance and in every molecule. Everything, I mean everything, is God’s will. If I win the battle, if I lose the battle, if I torture you to death, or you torture me to death: it is all God’s will. Thus morality does not stand apart from history and judges it; morality is revealed in history, and whatever wins, is God’s will. Reilly demonstrates how Islam committed intellectual suicide a long time ago; Bynum shows how modern western society is so defenceless against Islam’s claims.

The most dangerous aspect of Islam is that it strikes western societies at the time when they have largely abandoned the Christianity that gave them the confidence to pursue science, and to assert human rights.

Our behaviour and our culture are shaped by our conception of the Deity. If God is in some sense knowable, and if he has established laws or regularities that govern the physical properties of the universe, then two things are open to us: theology and science. It is a fact that science as we understand it is the unique property of Christian civilization, precisely because priests and scientists alike believe in the rational intelligibility of nature. [Space does not permit arguing this truth at greater length. To those who do not believe it, I suggest they read more about the history of science]. To the extent that God is knowable, we can model ourselves on the loving, orderly, creative God who lets us find out for ourselves what the right path should be. Freedom to sin and freedom to find the truth are at the core of Christianity. We are not automatons.

These two doors onto the universe and what lies beyond it have been slammed shut by Islam. God is essentially unknowable in any sense,  he does not love us, and his rule is caprice. As we form ourselves on the idea of the good, and hence of the ultimate good, God, so we form our behaviour and culture. If Islamic rule at the patriarchal familial and political level is capricious, immoral, violent, and frenzied, it is merely the reflection of their idea of God.

In Bynum’s opening chapter there is a line about the Western reaction to these unpleasant truths:

As the light of truth shines upon reality and defines the outlines of evil, it is inevitable that some should mistake the bearers of this truth as the source of their fear, the fear of the necessity for a decision, and lash out at those defining the conflict as evil dividers of humanity. For as secularists and Muslims themselves learn about the truth about Islam’s bloody doctrine and history, they must each individually make a moral decision and this they wish to avoid at all costs ….In the absence of truth, there is no necessity for division; therefore, truth itself becomes the enemy and secularists and some religionists unwittingly become emotional defenders of lies.

Allah is Dead is a far better book than I can tell you about here. I recommend it for its clear and deep analysis of how much trouble we are in. The fault, in short, lies not in the stars, but in ourselves, and Islam is merely the opportunistic pathogen striking the body of western civilization, weakened as it is by a failure of belief.



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This is exactly what I have been saying from the start; that classifying Islam as just another religion is incorrect. Islam is above all a supremacist totalitarian ideology much the same as communism. If you remove from Islam all that is militant and political you have very little left. Also like communism it uses terrorism, violence, intimidation and killing to impose its ideology every place it has gone and goes today. That there are Muslims who are only interested in and follow the religious aspect of Islam does not change the truth. In fact such Muslims are considered apostates and are killed by those following Islam in its totality. Islam is also the only “religion” that applies the death penalty to any Muslim choosing or wanting to leave Islam; without which its numbers would quickly and greatly dwindle.


I don’t have a blog but I do comment from time to time on the blogs I check daily, such as this one, BCF, SDN, Jihad Watch, and few others. I should add that I have also lived and worked in a Muslim country and visited most of them at some point (wouldn’t set foot in any of them nowadays), so I have personal experience of Islam.


WOW what a title for a book!!!! I bet this author is in hiding forever cause I’m sure the moderate practitioners of the religion of peace are demanding blood! We hear very little from the so called moderates of the religion of peace when there’s a terror attack but by shit we never hear the end of them when there’s a brick thrown through a mosque window, a cartoon depicting moe as a bomber or when someone writes a book like Rushdie or this author.


I doubt he could make Islam illegal, since people wrongly classify it as a religion and you can be sure our judicial activists posing as judges would overturn it. However there is nothing to prevent him from placing a moratorium on all further Muslim immigration and charge those already here who reject our laws (pushing for sharia) with treason or simply deport those with dual citizenship. I have no problem with the small number of Muslims who reject the major parts of Islam (understand political and militant) and who respect our laws and culture and seek to live in peace with others whatever their faith or lack of faith. Unfortunately we have a much larger number who are here as invaders seeking to force their host country and its citizens to submit to Islam. They should not be here, and the government already has to means to deal with them had it the political will and courage. I find it more than frustrating that we do not have a single federal political party willing to address this major problem: mass immigration of the wrong kind.


In all honestly, as much as I hate to say this, I think sometimes that Harper’s heart bleeds for Islam. An example is how the RCMP are vowing to find the perpetrator who through a brick though a window of a Mosque in Central Alberta and prosecute the offender to the full extent of the law with a hate crime. Like where the hell are the federal government’s priorities at? After all the immigrant and refugee of choice in this country is from some part of the Islamic world being either South Asia or North or East Africa! WHY I ASK? WHY that region of the world? How are they suppose to be e benefit to our society through their contributions? Well now I just opened up the door to being called a racists and a Nazi. Then maybe that’s why Harper does what he does in relation to Islam……….too scared of being called a bigot, racists or of not being politically correct.

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