Mr. Harper? Sir? You ARE awake.

The Liberals are running against tax cuts? Some days, the prime minister must need to close the door and just simply have his laugh. (When I saw Trudeau’s remarks about income-splitting, my wife thought I was having a fit.) No matter how valid the criticisms of yesterday’s package might be, there is one ineffaceable image in my mind – the manager of a household comparing a pay stub or tax return with a list of monthly expenses before rounding up the partner and heading out to vote.

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If your wife works, then it won’t benefit you. The plan is for income splitting for stay at home wives. Sorry, to give you the bad news.


I’m a generation x guy that got screwed by Harper. My CPP kicks in at 67 and my kids are grown up so I can’t get the income splitting. I am clearly not in the demographic that Harper is micro targeting for votes. All Canadians should share in the benefits of government tax cuts and programs. Not just the ones that Harper is trying to get to vote for him.

Low Quality

That is silly. Do we make national tax policy on the basis of what is nice for mom and dad? I’m a veteran, I already upset my parents getting shot at in Afghanistan.


As a senior with four adult children this will not benefit me, but I support it. First it brings some fairness to young families with children, something that was denied my wife and me as a single income family. We chose to have a stay-at-home parent and have not regretted it in spite of the sacrifices we had to make. I recall how double income families with children preferring day care were privileged over those like us. To oppose this long overdue tax break for young families with children because one can no longer benefit is selfish and short-sighted in my opinion.

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