We will not start getting this right until we can say what Islam is

I said it before. I will say it again. If a man dressed up as a Nazi and hurled abuse at Jews and spoke of the Jewish plot to control the world, people would connect the dots between the doctrines espoused and the man’s belief in Hitler’s vision. But when a Muslim, recent convert or not,  kills people for Islam, and says he is doing so for Islam, they will NOT connect the dots between the doctrines of Islam and the behaviour they observe. He is not killing people because he was deprived as a kid. He is killing people because his religion authorizes, condones, encourages, and indeed commands him to. What religion is that? The one he espouses: Islam.

Calling him a terrorist, is beside the point. He is an orthodox Muslim. He is taking the Koran seriously. The Koran authorizes and condones this sort of behaviour. Is this not obvious? Then when are we going to start to deal with Islam as if it were a totalitarian and murderous ideology?


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islam, 1400 years of violence and murder, yet Canada allows them to become so called citizens and live in our back yard. and no, there is no such animal as a moderate muslim.


Islam cannot be reformed. If it reforms it will die, and if it does not reform it will die another kind of death. There is no role for reason in Islam.If the Koran said that 2+2=5 then there is no basis in Islam for reason to say the Almighty cannot make 2+2=5. None whatever. Hence the observation that Islam has neither theology nor science, because both are pointless exercise in a world upheld instant to instant by the will of God.
IN Christianity and Judaism, God has no power to make 2+2=5. He does not violate his own laws, except by miracles.The difference between a lawful God and a capricious God is the difference between Christianity and Islam.


Bravo for the excellent article of plain common sense. Another thing that should clue in even the most clueless is that there are converts in every religion, yet only converts of Islam behave this way. So why exactly is that? It is because unlike all other religions, only Islam is an imperialist totalitarian ideology. Of course there is a minority of Muslims who do not follow all the dictates of Islam and who are only interested in the spiritual aspects. The majority however either inflict the violence or support it in one way or another. They are the ones who want Sharia, who seek to impose their ways on their host country and who show contempt for the culture and laws of their host country. In light of this one must ask what is the justification to continue accepting large numbers of members of this ideology as immigrants or refugees, especially when we are incapable of knowing to which group of Muslims they belong. It is insanity and some would argue treason.

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