Barack Ebola

“If even one undiagnosed Ebola patient lands in the United States, you may call me George!” All right, all right, there is nothing funny about a killer plague washing across a continent and now across the world on wings of political correctness and governmental ineptitude. And it is unnecessarily cruel to link him to the Reichsmarschall’s discomfiting boast. So why am I laughing? Because it marks one more notch on Barack Obama’s rubber gun of failure? Because it has been so predictable for so long? I wish no person harm, but I do wish some people would act like leaders to lessen harm to others.

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don morris

Yeah,I’ve been using a similar line since reading about the two cases in Dallas.

“If one ebola carrier lands on American shores,you can call me Mohammed”.

(I’ve always wondered if anyone ever DID work up the courage to call Herman Goering “Meyer” after the bombs started falling. Probably not, purely suicidal.)

Canadian officials informed us today that Canada is in NO danger from the carrier in Dallas,which no one can dispute.It’s the other victims flying in to Canada from Africa via the rest of the world that worries me.

There are in Canada apparently 1500 doses of a vaccine that MIGHT work against ebola, Canada has sent 1000 doses to Africa and is keeping the rest here, just in case.

I don’t know which Canadian city will host the first ebola carrier to land in Canada, my money, if there was a betting pool, would be on Toronto, center of the Country and Known Universe.

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