Trudeau Levant moral miniaturization

Finding the moral high ground in the Levant-Trudeau high school hallway hair-pulling is, as Pratchett said, like extracting gold from seawater. Canadian soldiers are in harm’s way in Iraq, the CRTC is in a hugely interesting debate on digital communication, a federal election is coming. The Liberals are fighting for votes and Sun is fighting for ratings. Not my battle.

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Let’s face it, Levant hates Trudeau and it he jumped with the shark. How would Harper respond if you called his parents sluts? Levant is a mindless jerk.

I agree with you there are much bigger issues that Levant’s infantile attempts at attention.


The truth hurts and seeing the truth,hearing the truth and knowing it’s true hurts more.That is why Liberals are hurting as a third place political party.Learning about your dad & mother,as if he didn,t already know hurts.But seeing it in print or on TV across Canada must really be painful.Suck it up shiny pony your in the real world now.HEY MAN SPEAK TO ME MAN


Anyone who thinks this is about Ezra’s choice of words is way off base. The man-child Justin had already boycotted SNN by refusing to answer questions from any of their reporters. No other media to date have been willing to ask him valid (what he considers tough ones) questions. He and his handlers are trying to use this as an excuse to avoid the risk of serious questions being asked.

Personally I think Ezra should have stuck to pointing out the damage done by Trudeau Sr. citing specific policies and issues along with how lacking in substance the son is without raising the private lives of his parents. However that will not hold up as a justified excuse to boycott SNN. I also find appalling that none of the media party see a problem with the game being played by Trudeau. They behave like teenage girl groupies for some rock star instead of professional journalists.

Sean M

Ezra is employed to make commentary and thats what he did, he commented. Whether some people liked his comments or didn’t like his comments is irrelevant. Trudeau Sr, has always been described as a “ladies man”, or put another way, a “slut”… big deal… Personally, I’ve always described Trudeau Sr as a Canada hating asshole… again, big deal. The real and only issue here is Baby Trud’s radical handlers trying to dictate editorial content and blacking out a legitimate news organization because that organization doesn’t give baby boy a daily tongue bath and asks the Boy blunder pertinent and relevant questions. The fact that Baby Trud is attempting to become the PM of this country one must ask if its appropriate for baby boy to refuse answering questions from a legitimate news source because an editorialist from that same new source hurt his feelings. Clearly, Baby Trud and his handlers were frustrated with Sun News not giving the middle aged boy a free ride, like the rest of the MSM. Baby’s handlers conjured up a scheme to avoid accountability by using the hurt feelings excuse… about as pathetic as it gets.


“The truth hurts and seeing the truth,hearing the truth and knowing it’s true hurts more”
Unfortunately for Ezra, it wasn’t the truth. The brides father and multiple witness’ have released a statement saying that Trudeau was asked to pose for the picture and he asked for the grooms permission before he did so. He has attempted to make a scandal where none exists.
I’m pretty sure that if a liberal commentator made similar statements about the P.M.’S parents his response would have been the same.

Brian Lowrie

If left to the media party one would believe JT is a caring, sharing intellectual. One who loves all of Canada and it’s citizens. I believe nothing could be further from the truth. His thoughts on Alberta and the third western provinces are on video, not encouraging get if you’re an Albertan. While all politicians pander to minorities, Trudeau will and has been seen in some rather questionable mosques. Selling out Canada instead of laying out some expectations to assimilate instead of of creating mini homelands.
Some may say that Levant went to far but I say when it comes to the country I call home,this Obama wanna be needs to be exposed everyday.

Low Quality

Brian Lowrie hits the nail on the head. Exposing Justin Trudeau’s parents as sluts is exactly what this country needs to know to be protected from Justin. Brilliant.


If a CBC commentator attacked Harper’s parents over something Harper did, would we be having this conversation? Lets be principled here.

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