Rotherham: the guilty white civic adminstrators

The Telegraph names names.

All of them with one exception are well educated white people, and four of the six are women – which is relevant when you consider that women are claimed by feminists to be more compassionate (ha!).

There will be more heads rolling as details emerge.

The curious thing about this scandal is that details of it have been available if you had read the anti-Islamic websites like Jihad Watch, Gates of Vienna, and Front Page. The fact is, those of who read anti-Islamic sites have been informed about this situation for years. I recall reading about South Yorkshire Pakistani sex gangs nearly ten years ago. The actual sex criminals were sent to prison some time ago.

What is the mysterious event that makes something “known” to the likes of the Telegraph and the Guardian? Why does it take so long for facts and issues discussed in  the blogosphere to seep through the semi-permeable membrane into the mainstream media? When does an issue become “respectable” enough – such as Muslim anti-Christian sex slavery – to be mentioned in polite society, when this behaviour is well known to any Christian who has had exposure to Islamic males on an intimate basis?

Ask any woman who has had the occasion to have had sexual relations with a Muslim man, and who has escaped their clutches, and you might out some things you do not want, but yet need, to hear about how that religion rally treats women.

The answer for the delay I mentioned above is that it is taking thousands upon thousands of such incidents to seep through the barriers of polite liberal discourse to allow for a more general discussion among the kinds of people who read the Globe and Mail about what Islam really is at the genetic, reproductive, family level – sexual slavery, female bondage, and male sexual frustration.

There was a scene in the movie John Carpenter’s “The Thing” (1982) where the dog kennel had been infiltrated by the mutating alien, and then began to assimilate the dogs to itself. The dog handler comes out of the kennel and is asked “what is it?”, and he replies, “I don’t know but it is weird and pissed off“.

And that, dear readers, is the first approximation answer to “what is Islam?” Forget theology, or ideas about God, and think about sex, men and women, and you will go deeper into the heart of the matter than reading the Koran. The plain fact is: there is no love in Islam. It is not a value of the religion, nor is Allah a loving God. H e is immaculately remote from human concerns, He is capricious, and He does not love us, because love would bind Him to us. The Prophet never spoke about love, and the absence explains much of Islamic social and sexual life
Yet, like the Thing in the movie, it is trying to assimilate all life to itself. And like the Thing, every cell of it cannot cooperate with any other cell of it. This may be our greatest advantage.


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Maxwell Wolf

The only thing that is different in Rotherham case is the sheer incompetence and complicity of the government officials. Cases like this have happened before. See this from 2000:

One disconcerting fact in the Sydney case was the fact that the families of the rapist were simply unable to comprehend that their sons did anything wrong. Yes, you read that right. It took active intervention from community leaders to apprise them of that fact. I recall reading about how an imam had to explain this to the families.


Another factor is the fairly undisguised contempt a lot of those on the left had for British working class culture, and – in order to dilute same – encouraged mass immigration of non-whites (this has been openly admitted). So as far as the white girls were concerned, they were viewed by too many in power as scrubbers and sluts, unworthy of any protection and deserving of their fate.

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