This is how the Guardian whitewashes the Islamic element

The Guardian’s coverage of the Rotherham sex-slavery gangs strives to avoid mentioning the Islamic factor.

The word “race” is used instead of “religion”, and the word “Asian” is used instead of “Muslim”.


What made South Yorkshire perhaps more politically charged is that in many cases the victims were underage white girls and the perpetrators were Asian men.

There were other abuse cases – in Oxford and Telford – with the same mix of ethnicities.

The far right had a field day with slogans which cast Muslim men as dangerous paedophiles. The tabloids leapt on remarks made in 2012 by the judge in a widely reported Rochdale case, Gerald Clifton, who in sentencing nine Asian men for 77 years for abusing and raping up to 47 girls said: “I believe one of the factors which led to that is that they [the victims] were not of your community or religion.”

Andrew Norfolk, the Times’s dogged and brilliant reporter who broke the story in Rochdale, has always said the “overwhelming majority of child abusers in this country are white men acting on their own”.

However, his own analysis was that race was important to discuss because council staff feared “treading into a cultural minefield”.

The report accepts that the concern of being labelled a racist did mean people pulled back from probing too deeply.

However, there must be an acceptance that perpetrators were criminals rather than Muslims. (on what grounds? -Dalwhinnie) Surely the crime of a young girl being raped should have led officials to act, whatever the colour of the skin of her assailant?

Apparently, not if it concerns Muslims acting as Muslims do.

Second point, Islam is not about skin colour! It is a religion (or totalitarian political ideology, as I believe it to be). It is not a race, a skin colour, or an ethnicity. Even in the midst of the revelations, the reluctance of the political Left to confront Islam  constitutes my principal reason why I think the Left is in bad faith.


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Two years ago Prime Minister Harper acknowledged that radical Islam was a threat in Canada and has since put in place stringent security measures to reduce the number of immigrants and refugees coming from Islamic states. The Harper government has also place restrictions on where Canadian citizens can travel so that citizens can’t join foreign jihad forces overseas. The Harper government has also passed legislation that makes it a crime to travel overseas and fight for a foreign enemy.
Yes there have been a few Canadians leave Canada to join jihad forces but they have all been killed and there family’s here in Canada now face criminal charges for conspiring to commit terrorism and aiding a foreign enemy. These family members will have their passports seized and they will be deported back to their birth country if applicable.
The Harper government has made tremendous headway in curbing terrorism and preventing the growth of radical Islam in Canada. Great Britain and the U.S. could certainly use a lesson in national security from Prime Minister Harper who is the greatest Prime Minister in Canadian history.

Sean M

Well said Bill… However, I don’t believe the very substantial and necessary laws brought in by PM Harper will stop the inevitable blood on our streets from radical muslims… they’re here and they hate us. At least we have a Government that doesn’t enable these savages, but that doesn’t put an end to Trudeau Sr’s forced tribalism policies better known as Multi-cult. “Progressivism” is a disease no less destructive than Jihad, they’re both about destroying the west and the values inherent in western societies. “Progressivism” is the warped hateful ideology that makes it possible for people in positions of power to hide behind “progressive” ideology like the evils of Political correctness and moral relativism. Hopefully citizens will wake up the evils of PC “progressivism” before “progressivism” further enables the radicals and savages to reek havoc on our society.

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