Canadian telephone roaming charges

The story of Thomas Lukaszuk’s $20,000 phone bill for a call from Canada that he received while in Poland tells us much more about the state of competition in the  Canadian telephone industry, and its rapacious anti-consumer behaviour,  than it does about Lukaszuk’s morals, ethics,or fitness for public office.

In all, he used two gigabytes of data.

I have had to pay $500 after buying what I thought – wrongly – was the correct foreign travel plan, only to find that merely landing in the Poland cost me $80.

Vengeance is coming, saith the Canadian consumer, and the CRTC will be our instrument.

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You miss the point. Lukazuk wasting taxpayer dollars on another cabinet minister’s divorce drama is the story. Why these bozos think it is acceptable to spend taxpayer money on their personal issues is a sign they need to go. Vengeance is coming for alberta Tories.

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