Harper Displacement Syndrome

Another day, another wistful story about the possibility of Prime Minister Harper removing himself from the national political scene.  The story opens, “Would the governing Conservatives be better off motoring into Election 2015 without Stephen J. Harper at the wheel?” The answer is, no, not really, of course not, but it then goes on to discuss possible replacements in some fantasy Canada. This genre of Canadian political analysis always reminds me of a four-year-old discussing candy – not really asking for candy, but just telling little stories about it, artlessly listing its advantages and deploring its absence, all the while reading the audience for evidence that something, anything, is eliciting a response. For years, these opinion articles have used a tone of quiet patience with Mr. Harper, pointing out how close he is to electoral disaster and offering ideas that might help him be successful.  Mr. Harper has been Prime Minister for years and may hold that office for years to come, but the mainstream media never has accepted that and never will. The main result has been their decreasing importance, and Mr. Harper’s increasing strength.

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Brian Lowrie

The opposition and the unofficial opposition (media) are hoping, wishing that PM Harper would just please leave or die, just be gone.
Canada best hope in the present and future lies with our PM. Heaven forbid Trudeau and his Agenda21, anti-western, anti industry advisors get to hold the riegns of power.


What world are you living in Fred? Haven’t heard anyone in the vast MSMP (Mainstream Media Party) suggesting or penning stories about the upside of Obama leaving office. But please, link us to a few such articles if you’ve seen them.

Burkian nutbar

Oh, this is easy. This is bar talk between journalists who find the topic interesting and their own thoughts irresistibly wise and assume – to their eternal discredit – that a group of journals who find the topic interesting are even remotely representative of what the public is interested in. Also, it’s much, much easier to write than to actually do work. Within e craft these literary masterpieces are known as “thumb suckers.”

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