Impeach Obama?

Some among the American right are calling for the impeachment of President Obama. I think they are mistaken, for all the reasons Pat Buchanan advances in his article in Takimag. First because Obama has not yet acted illegally, and second because the Republicans do  not have sufficient votes in the Senate. Most because impeachment changes the subject from Obama’s ineffectiveness (the word “feckless” is appropriate) to the positive acts of the Republicans to remove him.

With the economy shrinking 3 percent in the first quarter, with Obama sinking in public approval, and with the IRS, NSA and VA scandals bubbling, why would Republicans change the subject to impeachment?

The effect would be to enrage and energize the Democratic base, bring out the African-American vote in force and cause the major media to charge the GOP with a racist scheme to discredit and destroy our first black president.

Does the GOP really want a fight on that turf, when they currently hold the high ground? If you are winning an argument, why change the subject?

My point is this: it is important to consider tactics and messages. The Republicans in the States need to win the next time. Given the demographic changes in the United States – ever less white, ever more Hispanic – the Republicans face a different population than existed even in the Reagan period. They need to let the Obama regime sink under its own weight of ideology and incompetence. The American electorate will come around to the Republicans only when they believe that Republicans will manage the affairs of the republic better than the next  Democratic candidate. The American electorate need to accustom themselves to what it feels like to live in the world where the United States does not lead and does not act in its own interest.

Let the lessons of Obama sink in. America has been in a  low estate before; it is in a low estate now. Let the Democrats bear the blame for what they have created. Do nothing to distract Americans from contemplating the wreckage Obama will leave behind.

I am not disappointed in Obama because, for some accident of personal disposition and education, I have never had the slightest belief he was anything but an over-promoted semi-intellectual academic parading as an African-American version of black man. I have always considered him 100% fatuous. A near nullity. More people are slowly coming to this view, as they abandon false hopes.

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Kauf Buch

Easy for YOU to say as, according to your text, you do not live here.
Agreed on: wait until after the November 2014 elections.
Other than that: ANYTHING (lawsuit, impeachment, etc.) that REMOVES THIS PESTILENCE FROM THE AMERICAN BODY POLITIC…well…we’ll see.

Sean M

The fact is Obarry is at the head of a lawless regime, if he can’t be impeached for his wanton lawlessness than no one can. Keeping him in power furthers the destruction of that once great country. The excuses being made to not impeach Obarry Hussein are just that, excuses, and fear mongering. Excuses for Obarry’s lawlessness are just enabling Husseins agenda and show cowardice and compliance. Aiding and abetting a criminal is a crime.


saying that Obama has not acted illegally stretches the imagination. anyone who would make such a statement has not been paying attention and or is ignorant of the American constitution.


I find myself agreeing with Patrick Buchanan. I do not feel any differently than you three do; I just calculate the odds differently. It is not what conservatives think of Obama, it is what average centrist Americans think of Obama, that counts. Republicans do not have a Senate majority, and do not bring a knife to a gun fight. Let the average centrist voter stew in his own juices – reap the consequences of his previous vote.

Maxwell Wolf

Has Obama acted illegally? Of course.

Should he be impeached? Of course not.

It is simply not possible to get a conviction in Senate as long as Harry Reid is running the show. This guy is a pathological liar. Remember his statement about Romney not paying his taxes? Pure confabulation. Majority of US Senators are Democrat so they have drunk the Obama Fool Aid and are willing to eat a mile of his shit so that they can smell his fart.

It is best to provide Obama and his cohorts with more rope so that they can hang themselves. There is no way to talk sense into the people on the left. In the polls in Chicago, Mayor Rahm is a trailing a women who is to the left of him as if she is going to solve the problems in Chicago.

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