Male friendships and beer are good for you: do more of both

News! Studies show!

  1. You do not have to be male for  beer to be good for you (in moderation). It works for women too.

  2. You must be male for male friendships to work for you – twice a week face to face contact, over beer, through sports, or both.

On the subject of men, the second article says:

Too busy with their day-to-day lives, one in three men in the U.K. can’t find the time to meet once a week, and 40% of men are only able to make a “guys’ night” a weekly affair.

Southern European men go into cafes and spend the day there, clicking beads and sipping sugary coffees, but they are unemployed, perhaps, but socially embedded and as happy as idlers can be.

Dunbar goes so far as to recommend guys “do stuff” while they socialize. In addition to drinking beer and laughing together, men should try to choose to play a number of team sports. “Bonds can be formed through a range of activities from team sports to male banter — or simply having a pint with your pals on a Friday night,” he said in the report.

The denigration of the male since the advent of feminism has caused every aspect of what makes men happy to be ideologically suspect. Yet men do not find their primary social needs met by women; they find their status needs met by being embedded in the society of men and the respect of other men. This obvious truth is now a heresy. Men form teams, for prestige, for business, for sport, for the mere pleasure of being embedded socially. Domestic happiness with one’s wife is of immense importance, as any man stuck in an unhappy marriage knows, yet it is in relation to men that men strive for both acceptance and respect. So we are hierarchical (rank-oriented) while at the same time collaborative and cooperative with one another.

It is better to be low man on the totem pole than be alone. It is better to have a purpose and a mission than to have none. It is better to have friends to call you on your bullshit than a bunch of acolytes. Is this not obviously true? You need only a few friends, but your need for male company and the kinds of strong interaction with them is not something you can find with women. They do not relate that way.

All this was completely obvious before ideological feminism wrecked relationships between men and women, and did its best to wreck them between men and men. The truth is slowly being recovered. The feminist movement would have us acting as self-torturing would-be females. Forget it.

Nature does not work that way. And no amount of talking about relationships is going to change who we are.

If you need a boot camp on human anthropology, on  relations between the sexes and among men, you might consider the Sterling Men’s Weekend. I do not recommend it for all people, and I have my reservations about some aspects of it. Overall, it straightened me out on a number of issues where I had thought these male-female issues could be more flexible than they can be.

Alternatively, drink beer and play sports with your male friends.

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