We will buy the F-35 when the Americans approve the pipeline

Steven Chase of the Globe says the government has put the purchase of the F-35 on hold.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper removed the item from the agenda of a recent meeting of cabinet’s priorities and planning committee to give ministers more time to deliberate and gather information, people familiar with the matter say. Priorities and planning is the main cabinet committee that provides strategic direction.

It is much simpler than that. Just approve the Northern Gateway  pipeline, Yanks, and we will buy your airplane. Is there  anything about this you fail to understand?

I thought not.

Harper will get the US defence industry to lobby for the pipeline.





Are there other issues you feel are mysterious?

Dalwhinnie will be available for answering all your deep political questions, for a reasonable fee, of course.

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Al in Cranbrook

Yep! No Keystone, no F-35s. Works for me.

And far as I’m concerned, the F-35 is the right craft. But short of that, we certainly could get by with the Typhoon. As fantastic as the F-18 variations have been, they’re yesterday’s news. We need a fighter jet that will go the distance, when push comes to shove, for the next 30 to 40 years.


I beg to differ. A two engine aircraft to a one engine? No legs. A step backwards. There are more capable and cheaper multi-role ac on the market. Stealth is overrated.


One very important point that all Canadians must understand and that is the Lockheed Martin marketing machine is the only aspect of the F-35 program that actually does work well. So well that military, governments and average civilians repeat the bogus claims and promises in their brochures to appear the jet actually can perform. The jet is a total failure in every aspect of a fighter program and any news releases of the program must be scrutinized as most are just pathedic media hype.

The facts are that the F-35 program which was awarded the contract in 2000 is now 14 years in development, 8 years behind schedule and $160 billion ($160,000,000,000.00usd) over budget and yet not one of the 104 completed F-35s can even make the flight to Canada in one piece to demonstrate it can perform Canada’s requirements for a fighter. The program has also demonstrated it will be an expensive to buy and difficult and expensive jet to fly in Canada.

The performance of the F-35 is a total sham. Currently the F-35 flies with heavy flight restrictions matching the flight envelope of the 1940’s design T-33, a jet Canada had in service for 50 years and not the performance of a modern fighter jet. Also of note is the F-35 has the wost range of all the other choices for Canada barely able to do sovereignty missions over Canada. An example is the Saab Gripen E available to Canada has a ferry range of 4,000 km and the F-35 with full external tanks has a ferry range of 3,000 km. Consider the Gripen E is a full armed with 6 missiles super sonic cruising jet at 1/2 the cost to buy and nearly 1/4 the cost to fly is very signifigant. Also of comparison is the F-35 cannot demonstrate it’s single engine reliablity in service but the single engine Gripen has the best safety record in the world single or twin engine as in over 205,000 flight hours not one has been lost due to an engine,fuel or bird strike. A jet designed from the beginning to operate in the arctic reliably and low cost with a tent, a road and only one trained technician. A feat the F-35 will never be able to come close.

The inept government and military officials were “sold” on the F-35 years ago as being cheaper to buy and cheaper to fly then the CF-18. Fact is the F-35 will use 26% more fuel then the CF-18 to fly the same mission and parts are quoted as 160% higher then other jets. The F-35 could cost Canada in the range of $50,000 per hour to fly! The F-35 cannot handle northern basing so there is a plan to do an expensive 2,000ft extension of Inuvik and to modify the F-35 with a drag chute. However all the other options for Canada can handle Inuvik as is and will not require to have a drag chute continuously repacked and installed.

A trade for Keystone would be a terrible mistake for Canada. The F-35 as top USAF General Hostage in charge of fighters stated: “The F-35 is not an air superiority fighter, it needs the F-22”. (The F-35 cannot even take care of itself in the air) There are three air superiority / interceptor options for Canada that are 100s of knots faster then the F-35 and F-18E and those are built in Europe and are availalbe with comparable and in some cased better systems then the F-35 and F-18E.

A full and fair fighter competition is in the best interest for Canada.

“Fly before you buy”!

Exiled Maritimer

Keystone has been chasing approvals half as long as the F35 has been in development. I’d say no to the Super Hornet also. Without Keystone approval why consider buying American? Lets deal with friendly countries.
I’d nominate the Eurofighter, a proven aircraft with better performance (compared with the F18E and the F35) and two engines. I have heard that the loss to tax revenue alone due to Keystone delay is $55M per day. This figures to about 3 Eurofighters per week vrs 2 F35s. The Euros just have to trashcan their crusade against Oilsands and all future Eurofighters must come with sealskin seats.

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