While we are on the subject of biological differences

I came across this article, by Dr. Stephen Seiler the sports physiologist and his evil twin (self-confessed) Steve Sailer, the businessman and commentator. It is abut the gender gap in sports, and, as always with Sailer, so much more.

By the way, were you aware that Canada’s Olympic women’s hockey team competes in practice against Junior-B level 18-year old males? Think about that for a moment, as you consider why men’s hockey is so much better.


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Maxwell Wolf

I recall reading an interview with Chris Evert, the tennis player. She described how she could hold her own in tennis against her brother who was a nobody in world rankings. This is when she was at the top of her game.

re: hockey. Yes they might be at Junior-B level but what a Olympic final!

re: Hayley Wickenheiser, the best female hockey player: Finland’s Hockey Federation unanimously supported letting women play in a men’s league, allowing her to debut with HC Salamat in the Suomi-sarja, the third highest hockey league in Finland, on January 10, 2003. Wickenheiser played briefly with Salamat in 2004. They had won promotion to Mestis, Finland’s second tier of professional hockey, and this was not as good a fit for her. She left the team after ten games.

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