Abortion and Race

Gleefully tossing a salad composed of the two most toxically loaded subjects ever, I came across this statistical analysis of pregnancies, abortions and births by race, based on national US figures :


In 2008, while 69% of white pregnancies resulted in a live birth, only 49% of black pregnancies led to live births. The abortion rate for white women was 12.4%, and the rate for black women was nearly three times higher, at 35.6%. Thus, despite a higher pregnancy rate than whites, black pregnancies are much less likely to result in a live birth, largely because of their dramatically higher abortion rate.

The article is found here.

I am having   very politically incorrect thoughts here, such as: is this the reason no one on the conservative side in the States, apart from genuine Christians, is much concerned by abortion anymore?

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The birth rate in Canada is much higher than the U.S., for example, due to the fact that PM Harper has passed legislation greatly restricting abortions. Since PM Harper was elected, women can still get abortions but they must undergo a counseling program that offers them alternatives and if they still choose abortions they must get the signatures of three separate and independent doctors. The abortion must then be approved by a committee that ensures that all options to abortion have been considered and sought and only then may the women get the abortion. The women must also have the signed consent of the father of the baby also. Women in Canada can not receive abortions as a method of birth control or gender selective abortions either. The abortions must only done before the second trimester and no later. Finally the abortion is only partially funded by the health care system and the women must put up the majority of the cost.

Now if Trudeau was to be elected, there would be free publicly funded and would be done without questions at all. Abortions clinics would be everywhere and 100% fully funded by public money.

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