She will not be missed

alison redford

Alison Redford, the recently retired premier of Alberta, came to power because the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party threw open its election to non-party members, and she was duly elected by members of teachers and nurses unions. She proceeded to govern accordingly. I have also learned from sources close to Alberta that she was of the Clarkite school of red Tories. Having been a conservative inside the then Clark-influenced Mulroney years, I can assure you that Clarkites have much less argument with Liberals or NDP than they do with conservatives. Indeed, they despise actual conservatives, thinking that, like a bunch of atheistical bishops, they can fill the pews with new and more agreeable faces by squeezing out the old parishioners.

In the case of the conservative movement in Canada, the parishioners rebelled, created a new party (Reform) and took over the husk of the old Progressive Conservative Party when Joe Clark was finally eased out. They have run Canada for many ears now, some time of which with a majority. Everything proclaimed to be impossible, extreme, and infeasible by the Red Tory faction, has been proven to be possible, centrist, and practical by the former Reformers.

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Redford will run away and join fellow shamed Liberals like Dalton McGuinty and Michael Ignatieff in that great progressive dumping ground called Harvard.


You know, even Rob Ford can easily say he is ‘now’ a liberal and bam, all the reporters will instantly stop hounding him.

If Alison Redford join in Dalton/Kathleen Wynne party- the media’s adored people, will also face no rebuke or negative comments from them.

Regardless, which party it may be the one party that I know is that the Liberals will always be protected by the media.

Bubba Brown

This old guy still wants to know if the red Tory Redford had her sticky little fingers on the High River civil rights outrage performed by the SS wing of the RCMP.

don morris

I’ve heard a rumor that Stephen Harper is going to appoint her Ambassador to South Africa.

Where did I hear that? At a blog called “Barrel Strength”. On the line above.

Well, why not? Harper appointed the HUGELY unpopular to the point of lynching Gordon Campbell the Ambassador to Britain.

old white guy

imagine, a party that has people who think it is a good idea to let non-party people run for office. now children, how do WE spell stupid???

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