Comrade Chow versus the Fat Fuck


What is the normally constituted Toronto voter to do? A three-way between Comrade Chow, John Not-|So-Tory and the Fat Fuck. The thought is too obscene to dwell upon. No, I mean a three-way race for the mayoralty.

That will be entertaining.


The problems with both Comrade Chow and the Fat Fuck are obvious; one is a communist by any other name and the other is an alcoholic oaf of dubious taste in friends and user of bad drugs. But John Not-So-Tory? the one who nearly got us Islamic education ensconced in the judicial system of Ontario? The guy who, decent though he is, cannot seem to grab the right side of any issue?

I think the normal tax paying Toronto will choose Ford. It will be entertaining.

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If I lived in Toronto the answer would be a no brainer: a choice between two communist and an overweight conservative and my vote would be for the non communist. I care more about my wallet than the appearance of the candidate.


Right out of the blocks, and Chow has already demonstrated why she should never be trusted to administer public funds. As BCBlue reports she used her final MP privileges to mail a free information package (campaign promotion) to her constituents. As Chow is fond of saying “it’s legal”, probably so but hardly ethical. No mention of this in the glowing media reports, nor of the staggering $3000/day MP expenses she and Layton racked up a few years back. This despite sharing an apartment and living 275 miles down the road.
The old adage holds true for Chow ” A socialist can always be bought, but they don’t come cheap.”

don morris

Don’t complain, just be glad this isn’t a real “threesome” and you’re the cameraman that has to film it!

Earlier today,Chow said that with his drunkenness and drug abuse, Ford isn’t a “good role model for her Grandchildren”. I posted that with his predilection for massages administered by young women,neither was the children’s Grandfather.

I couldn’t find the comment posted later at the CTV website.


So sad the tears are streaming down my cheeks as I weep over the keyboard. To the man who feels, life is a tragedy; to him who thinks, it is a comedy.

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