Putin dismisses western concerns


In a recent press conference, Vladimir Putin, shown above, dismissed Western concerns as so much chirping of squirrels. He said there was no immediate need to invade the eastern Ukraine.

PARIS – The European Union prepared a $15 billion aid package to Ukraine on Wednesday and froze the assets of 18 people blamed for looting the treasury of the nearly bankrupt country. The moves came as top diplomats from the West and Russia gathered in Paris to defuse tensions that have approached Cold War levels.

$15 billion eh? Are you sure that is enough to get Ukraine out of bankruptcy?

In case you have not seen it, David Goldman’s article on the Ukraine, “Hopeless but not Serious”, should provide a useful antidote to the huffing and puffing we are reading in the press.

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don morris

Very nice pic of Putin in his former life.

I disagree with the writer that Putin bungled on the bailout, he’s much more devious than that. As it now stands, Putin gets the Crimea and his naval base,and the EU and Yanks have to bail out the failed Frankenstinian State.

Putin is a clever sonofabitch,and I believe he has maneuvered the West into precisely the position he wanted, just as he did in Syria. And in the end, he will look strong and his enemies will still be trying to “understand” him.

Western politicians will twist themselves into verbal knots to try and explain how they won this war of wills,and the dumber among us will nod their heads.

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