On human inequality

Several articles have caught my attention of late on the inherent inequality of humans.

Jim Goad Equality: Where’s the Evidence?

Fred Reed: The Unfortunately Innate Nature of Intelligence

Gregory Clark in the New York Times “Your Fate: Thank your ancestors” 

Experts are concerned that advances of scientific knowledge are giving rise to neoracism

When you try to found your political doctrines on the sand of falsity, it is not surprising that advances of scientific knowledge of the human genome are threatening the foundations of modern political orthodoxy. Political equality is a belief; it is a postulate, it is not a fact. When you hold that all people should be treated equally, you hold to a political doctrine (one which, you may interested to know, that I believe). When you assert that people are in fact equal, I do not know what you mean. I do not know what you ever could mean. I am not Beethoven, Newton, or Darwin, and neither are you.

See Human Accomplishment. As Charles Murray wrote, the contribution to science of Michael Faraday alone is greater than all of Arabic civilization’s.


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In Canada we essentially have five levels of rights in relation to equality for every citizen before the law.

The first level of rights pertains to the indigenous people who occupied this land before the Europeans came and settled setting the standard for the nation we have today. These rights involve treaties and other group rights aimed at redeeming the suffering that may have occurred for the Aboriginal people hundreds of years ago.

The second level of rights are for the French who legally occupied Canada as a French territory until the British defeated them and confined them to the Province of Quebec.

The third level of rights is for the people who were brought here against their will such as the African slaves. There are a number of programs that are sponsored by the government in an attempt to right the wrongs that were suffered by the African slaves also hundreds of years ago.

The fourth set of rights are for the new immigrants, who are expected to assimilate because they choose to come here, but may find that they experience discrimination. Just like the second level of rights, there are several government sponsored programs such as employment equity and affirmative action that help the new Canadian get a “head-start” and a “jump” on their new life.

The fifth set of rights are individual rights as per the Charter of Rights that apply to everyone else that does not fit into the first three categories.

All this basically amounts to several different levels of civil rights, special rights and group rights while the remaining members of society (mainly the Caucasians) get the left over rights called individual rights. This is all a unique method of socially engineering left winged, liberal, Pierre Trudeau style equality that has convinced every Canadian that multiculturalism, Native rights, French rights and religious and ethnic minority rights must supersede the rights of all non-categorized and non-hyphenated Canadians.

And that my friends is Canadian equality in a nutshell that makes us all equal under and before the law!

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