Lay off General Leslie

The fulminations by the Minister of Defence against Gen. Andrew Leslie are ridiculous. The General moved house from one place in Rockcliffe to another, costing $72,000 of legally-incurred moving expense.

General Leslie is a hereditary Liberal, being the grandson on his mother’s side of Brooke Claxton, the Canadian Minister of Defence in the St.Laurent regime, and himself a veteran of World War 1. His other grandfather was Andrew MacNaughton,¬† who was a general before becoming Minister of defence in World War 2. His Liberal ancestors, and announcing himself an advisor to the young Justin Trudeau, were enough to attract the ire of the Minister of Defence.

I have bad news for the Tories. There is a Canadian upper class and Andrew Leslie is a part of it. To the Tories I say, get over it. They think you are a bunch of parvenus (you are, by and large, and rejoice in it) and you ought to be happy that, when your regime is replaced, the incoming Liberal government will have some people advising it who have actually fought the Taliban, and are clear on who is an enemy of civilization.

There was a time when the Liberal Party represented what was best in Canada, instead of the conniving leftist prevaricators and appeasers of sovietism under Trudeau the Elder. They were the party of veterans, builders, law professors, businessmen, leaders in society. They may be so again. So do not be idiots, my Tory friends.


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don morris

Unfortunately, the conservative blogosphere is utterly rabid at the General’s “moving expenses”. The typical remark is “how can it cost that much to move a few blocks when I moved from Vancouver to Calgary for $5000”.

No one seems to want to do any research, just rant and rave at the Conservative’s biased remarks.

I am sick to death of people who follow politics with the same mentality they support a hockey team. It’s okay to be a Leafs fan to the death, that won’t do you any harm, but to give the same devotion to a political Party or politician is idiotic, absurd, and deranged. It can and will do a lot of harm, to the whole Country.

There are many issues that the government has failed to address,and as it seems they have entered election mode 18 months early, U.S. style, we are unlikely to see any action on the important issues.

But keep the sound bites a’ comin’ boys,the peasants will eat ’em up.

old white guy

I like the words “hereditary liberal”. yes here in Canada we are all entitled to our legal entitlements, just some more than others.

caol islay

Mr. Leslie may be part of the Liberal elite in this country, and he may have broken no laws when he claimed $ 72,000 in relocation expenses to move 4 blocks away, but as part of the middle class that have to pay my taxes to support his pampered and privileged lifestyle I believe that most Canadians do not think that his expense claim was proper or reasonable or fair to the taxpayer for the following reasons:

1. While the relocation expense for retiring soldiers is a reasonable benefit to bestow on retiring military personnel allowing them to move home at the end of their service this is not Mr. Leslie has done. He moved from one million dollar house in the Rockcliffe Park neighbourhood of Ottawa to another million dollar house in the same neighbourhood. The relocation allowance is to support a move back home. But Mr. Leslie was already home. He already lived in Ottawa. Moreover, I am told that former General Leslie retired from the Canadian Forces in November, 2011. He bought his new house, the subject of his controversial claim in April , 2013. So, Mr. Leslie is asking the taxpayer to pick up his moving expenses to move to a city in which he was already a resident and homeowner 18 months after he retired from the military. I suggest to you that no reasonable objective person would find that Mr. Leslie’s claim for moving expenses within the same neighbourhood and long after he retired was either reasonable, or fair or proper.

2. Mr. Leslie’s defense of his actions is that the the relocation rules as written permit his kind of claim. Essentially what he is saying is that the money was just lying there for anyone to take, so I just took it. That is not illegal. It may not be illegal, but it is improper to take money that was intended to assist serving men and women to move home at the end of their service and claim it when you were already home and long past your retirement. It is improper.It is wrong.

3. Mr. Leslie’s highly dubious claim for an expense he did not incur, and the Liberal’s subsequent claims that anyone who had the temerity to question this claim was involved in a partisan smear demonstrates that the Liberal Party is still the Party of Entitlement and their latest “star” recruit fits right in. They continue their belief that they can take monies for expenses they did not incur and the public can like it or lump it as they are still entitled to their entitlements.

4. The Liberals howled when Mike Duffy was accused of claiming a housing expense for which he may not have been entitled. Mr. Duffy claimed the expense might seem improper , but the rules at the time permitted him to make the claim. Mr. Leslie is making exactly the same claim. If it was wrong, or improper, for Senator Duffy to make his controversial claim for housing expenses, why is it now right for Mr. Leslie to make a similar claim for identical reasons ?

5. Mr. Leslie and the Liberals re claiming that anyone questioning his expense claims is against the Armed Forces. This is a pathetic and transparent attempt by Leslie to hide behind the goodwill that our military personnel have earned. As I mentioned earlier any fair minded person supports providing our troops with relocation expenses for the final move home. But Leslie’s claim undermines support for this program as the public now begin to question just what kind of claims are permitted under this program and what other types of abuses might just be out there.

As for assisting the military it seems to me that as one of the most senior generals in the Canadian Armed Forces Leslie had a obligation to support our troops. He was part of a system that developed overly generous relocation expenses for Generals like him while at the same time injured soldiers were being pushed out of the military just a few months before they qualified for a much deserved pension. If anyone owes our serving men and women an apology it people like Andrew Leslie who took as many benefits as he could get while hundreds of the brave men and women of our Armed Forces were getting little or no help from that same military.

Andrew Leslie is the kind of privileged, pampered and entitled person that infest the Liberal Party and Canadians do not need any more of them in public life. Mr. Leslie wants a seat in Parliament, but he resents the kind of scrutiny that comes, and should come, with the job. The Tories and press are quite right to point this out. I hope they keep it up.


Combine hereditary membership in the Liberal elite with being an army general, and you have a doubling of sense of entitlement. I still think Generals and Liberals should get especially large allowances for moving from Acacia Avenue to Blenheim Place, or wherever in Rockcliffe they please. After all, we would not want them living in Lindenlea or Manor Park now, would we? And Vanier? The mind reels.
That way they can be contained for the kiloton-sized nuke Harper is preparing for them.Just enough to level Rockcliffe.

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