And what kind of oppression is this Christian pastor concerned about?

You guessed it. While hundreds of Christians are murdered by Islamic fanatics in Nigeria, the religion editor of Huffington Post is exercized by the persecution of gay Nigerians by other -presumably Christian – Nigerians.

To continue with the piece by Raymond Ibrahim cited previously on the New York Times’ coverage of Boko Haram

Thus, from a purely demographic point of view, we may deduce that for every one man who gets exposed as a homosexual in the privacy of his own home, and killed for it, thousands of Christians expose themselves as infidels whenever they openly congregate and worship inside churches, as they do every Sunday, and get killed for it.

Based on numbers alone, then—assuming the NYT can agree that all human lives are equal, that the life of the Christian is equal in value to the life of the homosexual—the dramatically much bigger story has long been the relentless and genocidal jihad on Nigeria’s millions of Christians.

After a few days’ absence from the blog, this morning was a target-rich environment. As Raymond Ibrahim says:”The script must always prevail: reality be damned”. Islam=religion of peace; homophobia=evil.

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you know the view of the western world……’s only Christians that are dying so no big deal. You know only little Christian girls being rapped, only Christian men being castrated and beheaded, only Christian babies being slaughtered yeah you get it, it’s only Christians. Oh but hey wait……..our Canadian government sends out military men and women into Afghanistan so that little girls can wear dresses and go to school and learn to read then what happens? We sit back and watch our brave men and women die fighting for the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan!

Robert Tripp

Anyone who “exposes” himself is asking for trouble. Sorry… I couldn’t resist that one. Seriously though, it is Gay Power which has the strength. Everyone gets saluted when they come out of the closet, but I think times were better when they stayed in it. Sexual orientation should never be a consideration re. participation in the military, the Olympics, or life itself. Each person has to find his or her own way, preferably without flaunting it, or shoving it in another person’s face. Equal values of life should not be distorted by people’s personal values. It is a contradiction of the universal right to be.

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