When does it become acceptable to notice that Muslims are murdering people?

When they are gay! Raymond Ibrahim tells us that the New York Times has finally awoken to the fact that Muslims are killing….wait for it….gays.


In 2011 hundreds of Christians were killed and 430 churches destroyed or damaged. In 2012, 900 Christians were slaughtered.  Indeed, of all Christians killed around the world in 2012, 70% were killed in the west African nation.   In 2013, 612 Christians were killed and some 300 churches destroyed.  The year 2014 promises to be the same.  Just the other day, over 50 Christians were slaughtered by “Allahu Akbar” screaming jihadis.

Read Thomas Sowell on the concept of liberal mascot groups. All will be explained.

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Very nice point you make Barrel. Now when does it become noticeable we wonder? Well NEVER! Why? Cause Canadians are blinded by the constant rhetoric about the religion of peace crap. This is a direct fault of our past and current government and their spineless leaders who continue to allow tens of thousands of Muslims into Canada from countries and regions openly support terrorism against Christians and Christian interests. It’s right in front of us but yet we do not see. Example: Canada’s favorite terrorist family the khadars! They openly support jihad against Canada and yet the majority of Canadians still think little omar is just a child. our government is too scared to even try and prosecute them for treason or whatever all in the name of remaining politically correct for the sake of multiculturalism. Someday Canada will get hit with a terrorists attack and then you’ll see what I mean regarding the rhetoric…..oh Islam is so peaceful, it’s only a small few who are radicals, we as Christians must forgive and embrace our commonalities. We seen all this rhetoric after 9/11 and now they got a mosque built there or something to do with Islam.

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