Heenan Blaikie

It says something about the attachment lawyers have for each other that the announcement that a law firm’s profits had fallen 10-15% caused more than 30 senior lawyers to head for the exits. This caused the firm irreversible damage, and the well-respected Heenan Blaikie is shutting its doors.

If there is anything colder than the relationship of lawyers in a firm to each other, it would be a bad stale marriage.

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Nicola T.

I told a joke about lawyers around Xmas time:

Santa Claus, a rich lawyer and a poor lawyer were sitting in a bar. A hundred dollar bill was left on the counter by mistake. Suddenly the lights went out and when they came back on, the money had disappeared. Who do you think stole the money?

Obviously the rich lawyer because Santa Claus and a poor lawyer are mythical figures.


The sudden exodus could be related to serious liability issues. When Arthur Anderson (an accounting firm) ran into serious problems because of their dealings with Enron, partners everywhere found themselves liable because of the way accounting firms are structured. I think law firms have the same liability issues: the misdeeds of a few partners can cause financial liabilities for all the rest.

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