Three things to be saddened about

Conrad Black gets the boot from the Order of Canada.

Section 13 of the Human Rights Act s not yet dead.  The odious Warman is triumphant.

Philip Seymour Hoffman dead at 46.


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don morris

The first item doesn’t sadden me at all.I admire Conrad Black,and frankly he doesn’t deserve to be in the company of many of the people who have been awarded the Order of Canada,and I mean that as a compliment to Black.

Section 13 may be back in full force if the Conservatives can’t re-motivate their base. Too many conservatives on the blogs don’t seem to take the kid seriously,which I believe is to our peril. Never underestimate your enemy, a good rule to live by.

And though I’m not that familiar with Hoffman’s work, he was very good in the one movie I did see. Too young to go in such an ugly way.

Nicola T.

Very sad that Chretien is still a member and Black thrown out.
Very sad that FreeDominion blog is shut down for now – they aren’t getting many donations so far so please everyone step up as I will today.
Hoffman was great in The Hunger Games II and Doubt. Don’t see anyone talking about how the Hollywood and New York culture may have lead to his death. Have to say most of the films and plays he was in were depressing.

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