Why are lesbians so tedious?

Okay not all, but a strong proportion of this fuzzy set seem to be tedious in the extreme..

Why? Gay males just want the freedom to fuck each other, mostly in private. I get it. The agenda is limited, and clear. They do not ask me to change my feelings towards women.

But ideological lesbians? You all know the type. You have all met them: former bosses, colleagues, employees, wives. Tedious, charmless, fat, unhappy people. This week’s example: Rae Spoon.They want me to change my attitude towards everything sexual.   Why should a vanishingly small proportion of the population be so adamant that male and female do not fit them so they need a new pronoun? I swear to you, watch out for this movement: you shall soon be required to adore it, or be considered a rank bigot.

If only lesbians could be restricted to wanting sex with women, as and when  they felt like, rather than trying to change everyone else’s natural reactions to sexual ambiguity. This statement will soon be declared to be a hate crime. Watch this space.

From the Toronto Star article:

“This might be new for many of us,” concedes Sheila Cavanagh, sexuality studies program co-ordinator at York University, “but there is a reluctance to recognize a whole host of ways of being gendered that isn’t determined by our bodies. We have to challenge our presumptions that to be a man is to necessarily be masculine and to be a woman is to necessarily be feminine.”

Along with the transgender community’s emergence has come a need for legal protection, academic research and greater roles in public life for people who are gender-variant.

Quotas to follow. Mandatory quotas. Continuing with the Star article:

We can try in this story to refer to Spoon as they. It’s not easy. Spoon, who was raised as a girl in an evangelical family in Calgary and now lives in Montreal, came out as transgender 10 years ago and started using the pronoun “he” instead of “she.” But now, they felt there were certain expectations that came with male identity. “Even in the queer community, there would be pressure,” they said. “You are supposed to do male things. As if you are expected to earn your pronoun . . . ”

We need a massive ideological purge of universities of this leftist twaddle and its high-salaried enablers. Opponents of this would accuse me of trying to restrict thought; though on the contrary, I am trying to expand the zone of freedom. Rae Spoon’s freedom to be “they” is everyone else’s obligation to conform to this travesty (look it up). There can be no right without a reciprocal obligation.

There are days I am right there with Kathy Shaidle. I try to be moderate but some days I just have to vomit on this crap.



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“Gay males just want the freedom to fuck each other, mostly in private.” Jesus, that’s offensive. How did I ever find the time to hold down a job, buy and maintain a house, do a little travelling, watch TV, eat, read a book, and stay in a monogamous relationship all these years when all I wanted to do was fuck? I guess I didn’t get the Gay Agenda memo. You have some seriously warped ideas about what the “typical” gay male (and lesbian, for that matter)wants. Mostly we’re shockingly normal and middle-class. You need to get out more.


I am not talking about sensible people here, gay or straight. I include you in the sensible class of people.

Now, onto the main point. I find the use of one’s sexual identity or lack thereof as a motive for changing all the rest of society’s attitudes, mores and customs, as these lesbians in the article were doing, to be the most offensive aspect of the ideological program of the Leftist agenda.

Many gays are advancing a Leftist agenda in the belief it will lead to the kind of society they – and we – need. Since I see the attack on sex roles as an attack on civilization, and an attempt to go beyond personal sexual freedom to a requirement that everyone else adapt their beliefs and thinking, I find it offensive. There is such a Leftist political agenda and it has very little to do with sexual preferences, indeed, sexual preference is used as the cover for a “liberal mascot group”. It tries to make make Leftism undisputable under the guise of opposing “homophobia”.

With these lesbians the agenda expands to all normative ideas about sexual preference for masculinity or femininity.

Tolerance is being turned inside out, and the rest of us are being made to adapt to a political agenda of leftism. There is an important, vital distinction between personal tolerance and acceptance, which is good, and an ideological attack on heteronormative ideas. I do not give a damn of who does what in whose orifice, but I know Leftie bullshit when I see it.

I know most gays are shockingly normal and middle class, and they should be encouraged to be so.

If you have not received the Gay Agenda memo, I suggest you read more of the Globe and Mail, which has been advancing it for thirty years. You will find it on the editorial pages.
Thanks for your comment; it stirred a useful clarification of thought.

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